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So, for those of you who haven’t heard, DAVE GOT INTO UTAH’S PMBA PROGRAM!!!!!!

We opened this letter Sunday:


Dear David:

Your application to the David Eccles School of Business has been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you that a recommendation for your acceptance into the Professional Masters of Business Administration Program beginning in August 2009 has been forwarded to the University’s Office of Graduate Admissions.


It was possibly the best Father’s Day present ever.

I was checking  our email and saw that the letter had been posted.  Dave was downstairs and I yelled for him to come and come FAST!  When he came up and saw what I was talking out about, he opened up the page to log in to.  He was fumbling with the password and log in and I was freaking out the whole time, thinking, “OH crap, this could either be really good, or really bad, dear Lord, please make it the former of the two!”  

He opened the link up to the letter and I read, “pleased” and starting yelling and screaming and crying and the whole bit.  Dave said, “You haven’t even read the whole letter!”  I yelled, “THEY DON’T PUT PLEASED ON DENIED APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!”  He was pretty hilarious.  He turned to me and was just floored.  All he could do was look at me with this huge adorable smile from ear to ear.  I’m not sure if it was because watching me was so funny or because he was thrilled; probably a lot of both.

With all the deferments on a final decision, we’d really lost hope.  With the last deferral, we talked about it, and I told Dave he should really call his coordinator.  At this point, we were sure they were either sitting on the fence, or sitting on a “no”.  I told him that really, what harm would it do in calling them and really letting them know that we’re anxiously awaiting a final decision, that he really wants to be in this program, and oh yeah, he’s got a 3rd letter of recommendation if they’d like to see it. 

That last letter of recommendation was from a radiologist that Dave works with.  It was a stellar letter, but the U only allows 2 letters to be attached to an application and not only that, but specifically states that only two will be reviewed.  When Dave called up the coordinator that he’s been in contact with throughout the process, he mentioned the letter and the guy asked Dave to forward it to him and he’d attach it to his application.  This was about two weeks ago.  The last notice that we received stated that a decision would be available July 1. 

Much to our surprise and delight, we received the answer we’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing, and praying for.  It just makes so much sense to stay where we’re at right now, even though we’d really like to move out of state.  My aunt Ronda told me that while my uncle was in law school, she’d always remind herself, “short term pain, for long term gain”.  In reality, this will be such a short time, even though it seems like its going to take forever.  We’re anticipating 3-5 years, though hopefully its on the shorter end of that estimation!

I am so incredibly proud of Dave.  He’s worked his arse off for this.  He has surpassed so many people’s expectations and predictions.  When we got pregnant with Tori, and then married a few short months later, there were many people, even his own family, that were terrible to him.  They said he’d never graduate if he “took a break”.  That he’d never get his degree and never end up finishing.  A couple idiots even tried to tell him to not marry me, as he’d be ruining his future.  Well, to those people- SCREW YOU, cause guess what?!  He did it and he’s done it again!  I’m so incredibly proud of my husband.  He’s one of the best people I know.  He’s dedicated- not just to me and the girls, but to everything he puts his heart into.  He’s done exceptionally well with his education, and I know he’ll do just as good this time around.  Its one of the most thrilling things to me to do things our way, and still succeed and prove people wrong.  My excitement and emotion cannot be expressed over a mere blog post about all of this!

To my Davie: You’re the best.  We can do anything together and I’m so proud of you.  Well, lets face it, proud doesn’t even come close.  Beaming, thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyedand everything in between.  You are gonna be great, and I know it!  I’m so glad that we’ve chosen to slough off the trash talkers, naysayers, and even the occassional family members. I love that we work together on everything.  We have a beautiful family together, we don’t rely on others, and I’d say we’re pretty dang honest about life.  I’m so happy that you can be you around me and that I get ALL your laughs, smiles, and even the occassional growls, about life.  I’m so proud of us and all the we have accomplished together.  I know this is just the beginning of it all!  Thanks for always supporting me and the girls.  We can’t wait to support you and ride the next adventure all together!


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Today was a little more eventful than planned.


It started out like every other busy day.  (except for the snow, and the half hour late we left)  We all got up early to take Dave to work, and then had an appointment right after.  After the appointment we came home and played for a couple hours before Charli’s nap.  Nap time again, started out like every other day.  Tori watches Dora, or whatever else is on while Mommy puts Charli down.  I can normally get an hour nap or so and then Charli keeps napping for another couple hours.  Not today.


I put Charli down at 12:07 on our alarm clock. Everyday we go through a routine- before I go up I tell Tori,


“Tori, mommy’s going to put Charli down don’t answer the ?” 




“Or the the?”




She knows that if she ever has a problem to come up and get me.  I leave our bedroom door open, and seldom she’ll come in and lay down, but most of the time she’ll come in to ask for help, or enjoy some quiet, sister-free time by herself. 


Today, the only thing I heard was screaming, at 12:41.  Tori is a very vocal child, but not normally without reason.  Today was a combination of a hurt scream and a fear scream.  She would scream like she was scared, then alternate with shrills of pain.  It was not pleasant.  I thought she cut her finger on something and it was bleeding.  So while trying to figure out how to try and keep Charli asleep, and find out why Tori was so upset, she kept up the screaming and scrambled into our bedroom.  At this point, there was no keeping Charli asleep now. 


Tori continued to scream, “MY PANTS ARE HURTING ME!!!!  MY PANTS ARE GIVING ME OWIES!!!!!!”  All I got at first was her pants- so I just screamed back, “WELL THEN TAKE THEM OFF AND QUIT SCREAMING AT ME!!!!”  As she stripped down, she heaved sighs of relief and ran to the bathroom.  I ran after her and let her know I was upset that she’d woken Charli up.  In the bathroom, she still whimpered and cried and begged me to put lotion on her leg.  As I bent down to put some lotion on her leg, while still getting upset that she’d woken up Charli, I realized why the screaming and I started panicking!  There were welts ALL over her little thigh!  (Inset terrible feelings of guilt here). I asked her if there had been a spider in her pants and she replied negative.  I immediately told her to stay there and went to check her pants.  She’d left them in the middle of the floor between our bed and the door.  I stood at the door scanning the floor for a spider or something on the floor but saw nothing.  I picked her pants up and shook them, and nothing. 


As I dropped the pants, a bee came crawling out right where my hand had been!  For those of you who know me, I am not a bug person.  Not an animal person.  Not a reptile person.  Besides human beings, anything living I’m pretty much not a fan of.  I am allergic to the vast majority of things, and the rest- just not an enthusiast.  AT. ALL.  I’d rather run, make that BOLT, for the hills then get near anything.  Seriously… no joke here.


When that bee crawled out, I just about screamed myself.  There was Charli sitting on the bed, dazed because she’d just been woken up, completely unaware of this pissed off bee that I was sure was going to fly up and sting either one of us at any second.  I grabbed a towel, threw it on top of the bee, and jumped.  ALL. OVER. THAT. DAMNED. THING.  And just to be sure- I put our laundry basket on top of the towel, which was on top of the pants, and started jumping again.  I grabbed Charli, and closed the door and called Dave.


When I called Dave, I was panicked.  I assume if someone is allergic to bee stings they swell up like a blueberry within minutes, which thankfully, wasn’t happening.  Allergies run in my family, more specifically, through me, and so I had no idea other than what happens to me.  Thankfully it seemed Tori was alright, just really scared. 


From the few first aid classes I’ve taken, I remembered a baking soda paste that is supposed to help.  I took the girls downstairs, Tori still crying and her little leg all puffy, and she talked to Dave while I applied goo all over her leg.  We let it dry up a bit, and it peeled right off- amazingly enough, it seemed to peel away all the swelling!  The welts were about the size of peanuts, a couple being about twice that size, I’m assuming because there were two bites there.  As Tori was talking to Dave, he was relaying information he’d found on WebMD.  Apparently, wasps can also bite, not just sting, which I thought explained a lot considering there was about 5 welts total from the top of her knee, all the way up her thigh.  When we’d peeled off the baking soda, the biggest welt was now only about the size of a pencil tip.  (see picture… this was taken maybe an hour after the baking soda, you can BARELY see anything!)




At this point, thankfully, Tori seemed to be no worse for the wear.  However, that stupid bee/wasp/devil creature was still upstairs looming under my one empty laundry basket.  It made a good excuse for not having laundry done though!  I had called Dave’s dad and told him and he said he’d come home to help me tape the door(more on that later), so I told Dave I’d just wait for his dad to come home and he could take care of the bee. Well, an hour passed by(its tax season people) and Dave mentioned that I should just go do it. 


Predictions of tonight ran through my head… in a bemused state I’d wake up wondering what was crawling all over me, only to realize that it was the bee I let go and didn’t kill and just as I’d come to the realization, the thing would crawl up my clothes and repeatedly bite and sting me, sending me flying out of bed in only my nighty all whilst scaring the bejeebies out of Dave and Charli, as well as waking up the rest of the house with my shrieks.  Ahhh, what a good pre-nightmare won’t do to a person.


I asked Dave what to do and he told me to catch it.  The thought of putting the bee through pain and suffering thrilled me at this point.  All the stress and anxiety from the afternoon, coupled with the fact my little girl hurt REALLY bad, yeah… it was enough.  So, I went upstairs and to my shock, the stupid thing was still alive!  I caught it in a jar, sealed it up and gave the thing a good shaking.  We kept the bee, and when it came time to go get Daddy I asked her if she wanted to take our new “friend” with us and show daddy.  I offered her the jar to which she replied with hands completely out to the sides, edging away, “I’m not touching that bee, YOU put it in your bag and take it to Daddy.”  Ah, like mother like daughter.  We agreed that he’d be better sitting on the counter.  After we finally got home I was sure the thing was dead.  It was on its back!  I gave it a good shake when all the sudden the wings went NUTS!  It was still alive after almost 12 hours in that jar!  Needless to say, his home is still in the jar on the counter, and I’m still having nightmares about this dead bee coming back to life and getting out, only to attack us midway through the night.


Who knows where the stupid thing came from?  Here’s my guess.  Dave’s parents’ back door is older.  From years of hell-frozen-over-Utah-winters and Death Valley hot summers, it has warped some, so that it’s fairly drafty and a small bug could crawl through to the inside.  Up until last week, there was tape covering the door, so the draft (and bugs) wouldn’t come through.  Why up until last week? 


Dave’s parents’ vacuum seems to have a thing for me.  Every time he and I get together, its chaos.  I swear. I only turn it on and off and run it along the floor to pick up cheerios, little crumbs, the odd booger… you know, normal stuff.  But I tell you, EVERYTIME I use that vacuum, the thing blows a gasket- literally.  The bag flies off the vacuum and spews crap everywhere.  Last week was a DOOZY.  I didn’t have my contacts in, and so when the bag flew off, I couldn’t find the switch to turn it off.  Well, it spewed and spewed and spewed till I swear it had to have been empty.  It was a nice day (finally) and all the crap in the air was making it hard for me to breath.  So, I conceded and opened the taped door and turned the fan on.  Big mistake, repercussions to come this week…


I really think that the bees started coming out of hibernation, or whatever they do for 6 months when it freezes over here.  It got fairly warm(50’s) for the last couple of weeks, only with the odd cold day.  The past few days have been windy and freezing!  We’ve had snow, and freezing rain and yuckness all around.  So, my theory is this bee got really miffed and came for a visit inside… Not sure how he chose Tori’s pant leg, but whatever.  Thankfully, grandpa came home, taped up the door again, and even measured and said something about replacing the door! 


The only other possible thing it could be, would be an egg from last summer.  Why last summer?  Rose had an eerily similar situation with some of Dave’s nephews… They threw rocks at a nest, and REALLY pissed off a lot of the bees.  They all had stings all over them, and even managed to bring some of them inside, underneath some clothing.  So, either those bees laid eggs that have amazingly long shelf (couch) lives, or else, the bees remember the house that pissed them off.  Either one, not likely, but the only other explanation for a bee in the house!


So, that’s the story of the bee, as witnessed by the Payne’s… at least Tori’s not allergic to bee stings (the same sentiment echoed last summer, though the boys provoked the little beggars… Tori did not!).  She was one tough little chick and only complained when I wanted her to put pants on.  She was sure there was another bee in her pants, poor girl!  After turning them inside out, she was alright, but has been on the bee lookout all night.  My favorite part was when she said, “MOM!  The bee was trying to eat my leg!  MY LEG IS NOT FOOD!  I need it to walk!!!!”  I assured her no bee was going to take her leg, and certainly he found out it was not food!  Here are some more pics!


(dead bee, or so we thought…)



(three seconds later, with its butt in the air ready to sting!)



Sweet Tori!  And Charli… charli was extremely concerned and kept clinging to Tori!  So SWEET!





And one last one tonight… this is one of the American Idols from this season… can anyone guess who it is!?  We were at Target and Dave saw this doll and said, “Look who it is!”  Tammy and Emily can appreciate this! =)  G’night all!






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