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So, for those of you who haven’t heard, DAVE GOT INTO UTAH’S PMBA PROGRAM!!!!!!

We opened this letter Sunday:


Dear David:

Your application to the David Eccles School of Business has been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you that a recommendation for your acceptance into the Professional Masters of Business Administration Program beginning in August 2009 has been forwarded to the University’s Office of Graduate Admissions.


It was possibly the best Father’s Day present ever.

I was checking  our email and saw that the letter had been posted.  Dave was downstairs and I yelled for him to come and come FAST!  When he came up and saw what I was talking out about, he opened up the page to log in to.  He was fumbling with the password and log in and I was freaking out the whole time, thinking, “OH crap, this could either be really good, or really bad, dear Lord, please make it the former of the two!”  

He opened the link up to the letter and I read, “pleased” and starting yelling and screaming and crying and the whole bit.  Dave said, “You haven’t even read the whole letter!”  I yelled, “THEY DON’T PUT PLEASED ON DENIED APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!”  He was pretty hilarious.  He turned to me and was just floored.  All he could do was look at me with this huge adorable smile from ear to ear.  I’m not sure if it was because watching me was so funny or because he was thrilled; probably a lot of both.

With all the deferments on a final decision, we’d really lost hope.  With the last deferral, we talked about it, and I told Dave he should really call his coordinator.  At this point, we were sure they were either sitting on the fence, or sitting on a “no”.  I told him that really, what harm would it do in calling them and really letting them know that we’re anxiously awaiting a final decision, that he really wants to be in this program, and oh yeah, he’s got a 3rd letter of recommendation if they’d like to see it. 

That last letter of recommendation was from a radiologist that Dave works with.  It was a stellar letter, but the U only allows 2 letters to be attached to an application and not only that, but specifically states that only two will be reviewed.  When Dave called up the coordinator that he’s been in contact with throughout the process, he mentioned the letter and the guy asked Dave to forward it to him and he’d attach it to his application.  This was about two weeks ago.  The last notice that we received stated that a decision would be available July 1. 

Much to our surprise and delight, we received the answer we’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing, and praying for.  It just makes so much sense to stay where we’re at right now, even though we’d really like to move out of state.  My aunt Ronda told me that while my uncle was in law school, she’d always remind herself, “short term pain, for long term gain”.  In reality, this will be such a short time, even though it seems like its going to take forever.  We’re anticipating 3-5 years, though hopefully its on the shorter end of that estimation!

I am so incredibly proud of Dave.  He’s worked his arse off for this.  He has surpassed so many people’s expectations and predictions.  When we got pregnant with Tori, and then married a few short months later, there were many people, even his own family, that were terrible to him.  They said he’d never graduate if he “took a break”.  That he’d never get his degree and never end up finishing.  A couple idiots even tried to tell him to not marry me, as he’d be ruining his future.  Well, to those people- SCREW YOU, cause guess what?!  He did it and he’s done it again!  I’m so incredibly proud of my husband.  He’s one of the best people I know.  He’s dedicated- not just to me and the girls, but to everything he puts his heart into.  He’s done exceptionally well with his education, and I know he’ll do just as good this time around.  Its one of the most thrilling things to me to do things our way, and still succeed and prove people wrong.  My excitement and emotion cannot be expressed over a mere blog post about all of this!

To my Davie: You’re the best.  We can do anything together and I’m so proud of you.  Well, lets face it, proud doesn’t even come close.  Beaming, thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyedand everything in between.  You are gonna be great, and I know it!  I’m so glad that we’ve chosen to slough off the trash talkers, naysayers, and even the occassional family members. I love that we work together on everything.  We have a beautiful family together, we don’t rely on others, and I’d say we’re pretty dang honest about life.  I’m so happy that you can be you around me and that I get ALL your laughs, smiles, and even the occassional growls, about life.  I’m so proud of us and all the we have accomplished together.  I know this is just the beginning of it all!  Thanks for always supporting me and the girls.  We can’t wait to support you and ride the next adventure all together!


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So, most of our days lately have been spent at home.  The air here is disgustingly filled with smog, so much so that it looks like you are driving through fog everywhere you go.  Its gross.  Its hard on my asthma, so we stay home a lot. 

At the mention of running errands Tori gets REALLY excited.  This morning I ran up to check an email that Dave sent me and all the sudden I hear, “MOM!!!! Charli and I are going to run errands ok!?”  She had asked and asked and asked me to go, but I told her we needed to get a few things done before we left.  I heard the familiar shrieks of glee from Charli so I came down to see what was going on.  They had both ran down the child gate we have up, and were BOTH on their way up the stairs.  I asked Tori who pushed the gate over(it takes a great deal of force, and Charli cannot do it by herself) and Tori proudly answered, “ME AND CHARLI MOM!”  Yeah right… you and Charli?   Victoria is a smart girl and has figured out that if it has “Charli” attached to it, she’s a heck of a lot less likely to be in trouble.  Smart kid.

Also this morning… breakfast is always hilarious around this joint.  For some reason Tori wakes up ready to go at full speed from the moment she opens her eyelids.  During the course of the day, she loses steam, but often the funniest things she says are in the morning hours.  The other day she came up to me and said, “Mom!  See this car!  Its Charli’s and it’s name is Putsy the Buttcracker!”   WHAT?!  Its name is WHAT?!  She comes up with the funniest things and today was no different.  On the yogurt we buy, there are little kids doing things.  One is skateboarding, another is doing heaven knows what, but they both looked like boys to her this morning.  She’s suddenly learned the difference between the two sexes… “MOM!  That is a boy!  I’m not a boy!  I’m a girl!  What is that boy doing on MY YOGURT?!”  (as if she’s never seen this yogurt before and has just had an epiphany of what this all means….)  “MOM!  I AM A GIRL!  BUT, my daddy- he’s a big boy!  My daddy, he’s a BIG BIG BOY!  He’s taller than that boy.”    And that was it.  I responded with “Yeah?”  and she said, “Yep!”, finished her yogurt and asked to watch “Yo GABBA GABBA!”  Pretty funny.

I love staying home with my girls.  Last night I couldn’t sleep and layed in bed thinking.  Sometimes I wish things would be less complicated.  It seems like our housing situation always has to be complicated, that Dave’s work and school always has to be intricately planned out and much effort is put into it all.  Sometimes, I just feel like its all too complicated and I wish it were simpler.  Last night I had a revelation of sorts.  Tori was pretty cranky cause we were out late doing some grocery shopping.  Most of the time, it makes me cranky too.  But last night I realized just how short it all is.  Its no big deal if she’s cranky once in a while, and I need to have more patience.  Its my fault for keeping her out later and not on her schedule.  So, when we went to brush her teeth, she let me do it, which never happens.  And while I was sitting there brushing her teeth, I realized how much I enjoy the monotany of it all.  I enjoy doing these small simple things that I don’t think twice about normally.  Believe it or not, I love changing Charli’s diaper-even if it is poopy.  Why?  Because it gives me some time to serve her and do something she is not able to do for herself.  I love helping Tori brush her teeth, and not just because I can have the satisfaction of knowing that all the “monsters” are really all gone.  I love doing all the small and simple things because it gives me a chance to really appreciate my two sweet girls and to recognize how lucky I am to be their mommy.  I realized that life is only as complicated as I make it.  It comes down to two simple things that are really one in the same:  service and love.  I serve my children because I love them, but love motivates pretty much everything we do in life.  I try and get the house looking as decent as possible, even though I fail miserably some days, because I love my in laws for letting us live here with them, and I know their house would not be messy if it werent for us.  I cook dinner, and a myriad of other things, because I love the people who enjoy the finished product.  I kiss bumps and bruises, and put the occassional band aid on because I love my girls and don’t ever want them to hurt.  I make up crazy songs in the car while one(or both) of them is screaming bloody murder because I love myself(and lets face it, them…. see previous post) enough to not lose my mind. 

And so I realized last night, in the dark of our bedroom, while I listened to my sweet baby cuddled up next to me snoring(ok, really, the duet of snores between Dave and Charli), that my life is perfect.  Its not perfect in the sense that I have everything I want, or that our bills are all paid and we don’t owe a soul a dime.   Its not perfect that we’re living with my inlaws, or that there is the occassional scuffle between Dave and I, or that I really can’t ever leave the house without my clothes smeared up one side and down the other with boogers, food, or slobber, and sometimes a combination of all of those.  But everything in my life is perfect in the sense that all of the little imperfections cannot over shadow the fact that I have everything I absolutely need.  I have two beautiful girls-that have somehow made it past the gate AGAIN and are each dying for my attention at this very moment- I have a great husband and some pretty spectacular people I count as friends, and even a few I’d claim as family.  It really is perfection.


Charli in the bathtub, her favorite hangout!


Daddy reading bedtime stories.


Daddy and Tori enjoying Daddy’s day off on Monday!


Tori sporting her “name cookie”, one of our projects to keep us from being bored to death.


Charli with said, “Putsy the Buttcracker” car…and part of Tori in her PJ’s

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So, I/we havent updated this thing in a while.  Sorry… especially since I know some of you are counting on us for your daily comedic relief!  😉 

We are still at Rose and Dale’s and life is getting interesting.  Dave is very busy with school and trying to figure out when to take the GMAT- its like the ACT for grad school.  It sucks.  We bought him a study book for $60, but figured it would be worth it in the end, the problem is the book is HUGE!  So, we talked about it and had tentatively decided that Dave would take a “trial run” test to just get a feel for it, and then he’d know what to really brush up on in the book(thus not having to read the WHOLE thing) then he’d go back and take the test again before we have to turn in his application in February… one problem… one very large, expensive problem- THE GMAT IS $250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could not believe that!!!!!!!   I thought maybe like the ACT, around $50-70, maybe double that since its an entrance exam for graduates, but sheesh- nothing, NOTHING like $250…   So, now our plan has changed- hopefully he’ll only need to take it once and we’ll be done with it.  Dave is not exactly excited to take it either- the test is 250 minutes.  Four hours on a Saturday morning- does that sound like fun to anyone normal?  I think not.

Onto the hilarious parts… Charli is growing so fast.  She has one tooth now and loves to talk all the time.  She has started to do this thing with her tongue that cracks me up!  I’ll stick my tongue out at her and she’ll do the same thing- only she puts it back in and out pretty quick and thinks its the greatest thing.   Her favorite places to crawl in grandma’s house are into the formal living room by the grandfather clock- Rose has this little fake plant down on the ground in a little pot- she LOVES to crawl up there and chew on its leaves… yummy.  She is also enthralled with grandma’s “lid drawer”.  All the tupperware lids are in one drawer closest to the floor.  Charli has figured out how to crawl up and on this one small knob, she pulls herself to kneeling.  She then proceeds to open the drawer and somehow get her legs under the open drawer and sits there playing with all the lids for as long as she can stay balanced… occasionally she’ll lose her balance and get stuck underneath the drawer paralyzed in fear.  Its hysterical.

Tori… now she is the really funny one.  She has such an opinion these days- about everything!

The other day Rose was home from work and was going to treat Tori and I to lunch.  I was getting Charli dressed for the day when Tori comes in from helping grandma get ready and says,

“Mom!  Where’s da food”


“WHERE’S DA FOOD?!” (as if I really didn’t hear what she had said)

“Sweetie, I don’t understand what you’re asking me.”

“WHERE’S DA FOOD?!!!!!!”  (very insistent at this point that its not a difficult question to answer)

“I don’t know Tori, where is it?”



A few minutes later Rose comes in and asks,

“Did Tori ask you what she was supposed to?”

“Um, she asked me where the food was”

Rose, laughing, says, “She was supposed to ask you where your favorite place to get food is.”


Or the other morning, Tori had crawled into bed with us.  Dave had left to go get in the shower and she looked at me and said,

“Now I’m gonna go get some nem n nems!” (M&Ms)

“Oh yeah?”

“YEP!” (she slides down off our bed)  “hmmm…. now where can I find some nem n nems?!” (as she’s looking through the stuff in our room)

Or the other day at the store…

“Tori, if you don’t start listening and sit down in the cart, I’m going to lose my mind.”

“MOM!(still standing up at this point, now yelling for all to hear) I DON’T WANT YOU TO LOSE YOUR MIND!!!!!!”

“Well then sit down!”

“I don’t want to sit down and I don’t want you to lose your mind ok!?”

Tori is the most hilarious kid.  When she’s not trying to get her way via screaming or tantrum throwing, she really is quite comical.  She’s got the best imagination.  She is very sweet and loving with Charli.  They are best buds and its so much fun watching them feed off each other. 

Most days (I guiltily admit) I take my job for granted.  My kids are so much fun, a helluva lot of work, but even more fun.  Tori really is a sweet kid, even if she screams and throws the mother of all fits at the most inopportune times occasionally.  She brightens my day, everyday with her hilarious banter and commentary on life.  I love it; all of it.  Even the parts where I’m up for the 10th time in the middle of the night with Charli, or I’m cleaning up a potty accident from Tori.  These things are all fairly temporary, and the pros still out way the cons…  I love being a mom!

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