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An update really has been in the works for a while.  But where do I start when our lives have just been so incredibly interesting lately?! 

Family drama, lunch with a good friend, followed up by another car wreck, subsequent ticket, Tori peeing her pants during previous said incident,deposit on a cute duplex, family drama, weekend hotel stay because of family drama, Charli being sick, Dave starting school in two weeks, getting the $20,000 bill for Dave’s first year of school, farmer’s markets finally starting(my favorite part of summer), and more family drama, etc. etc. etc.

I mean really?  Where does one start???  I think I’ll just review most of all of that.  Cause really, the details are depressing.  Lunch was fabulous, then fast forward a few hours and crash… literally.   I was not happy about the car wreck or the pending ticket.  It was one of those days where you think you’ve got some things finally figured out in life and then “WHAM! Take that!” says the universe, and you’re back to square one!  It was crappy buying new car seats again, as we JUST bought those  a few months ago.  It was crappy paying the deductible (which thankfully the car seats were part of).  It was crappy having a rental car covered in cat hair and being allergic wherever we went for 3 days.  Silver lining: It was awesome, having the car only gone for 3 days as opposed to the 2 months it took last time. 

Also even more awesome was putting the deposit down on a place we love, but realizing we’ve only seen the side of the duplex we won’t be living in, as well as hearing the whole situation has been delayed due to the current tenants… no bueno.  Hopefully more to come on that later.

And the creme de la creme????  I must say, I adore  grown men, who are really disguised as incredibly disrespectful boys.  Really??  I say this with the largest amount of sarcasm humanly possible.  I think that men who conduct themselves so incredibly cowardly are probably the most pathetic excuse of a human being I’ve ever seen.  I wish I could refer to one individual here, but sadly, I can’t.

I can’t stand individuals who hide behind who they really are as people.  I’m a brash person at times.  I know that.  I can be extremely confrontational when put between a rock and a hard place.  I know this as well.  I can also be the queen of all b****** if you double cross me.  I’m well aware of this.  But I also know that I’m fiercely loyal, I let it be known what I think, stand up for the ones I love, don’t sugar coat things, and most days I’m a pretty damn good wife and mother.  Regretfully, this person(s) has been disrespectful from the beginning.  I’m at my boiling point.  In the name of civility, I’ve stood by for a long time and not said anything.  Those times, as discovered earlier this year by the same said family, are now over.  Thankfully, it appears as though Dave is at the end of his rope of toleration as well.  The situation is far less than ideal, and boy am I grateful we’ve only got a few years left of school.  I think buying a desert island after Dave’s done with school is a fabulous idea. 

Let it be known far and wide, our plan was to NEVER move in with Dave’s parents, or any family for that matter.  I think people, namely Dave’s family, thought that when we got pregnant and married “so fast” we were going to be dependant.  I think it should be addressed that we never moved in here for monetary reasons, and its most likely cost us more living here then if we’d been on our own.  That’s a whole other story though.  Unfortunately, we were put in a crappy situation, and basically forced into an even crappier situation.  Since moving in, we’ve looked at over 300 places.  This is not an exaggeration.  We have put many hours and lots of effort into getting out of here as soon as possible.  To our credit, and something I will always be proud to say, is that I don’t feel like we’ve ever taken advantage of Dave’s parents.  We’ve conducted ourselves as adults should(most of the time at least!) and we have not depended on them or shirked the responsibilities we signed up for.  It should be known as well that we want out of his parents’ house more than any of his siblings or his parents want us out COMBINED.  We are so fed up with the BS, its just getting ludicrous.  On the same token, we’re grateful that Dave’s parents were able to let us come live with them.  When its just us and them, its not so bad most days.

I suppose a blog post is not quite the right avenue to discuss this all, however, I know there are people that are very concerned as well as those who have asked what’s up, that I really don’t have the energy to explain it all over again to multiple people.  So, in a nutshell that’s what’s been up.

On a lighter note, I seriously HAVE to share this story.  Its hysterical.  I think that in life, people cross into our lives, even for moments, to spice things up a bit.  While I’ll be infinitely happy for this little quip, I’m sure glad this woman is not someone I normally associate with!  A word of caution to those easily offended or with young eyes.

Whilst standing in the valet line after Charli’s doctor appointment(her ped said cold sores, which I really think is Hand Foot and Mouth) I met a woman.  I’m not sure of her name, but she walked up and was waiting behind me.  Quite the character really.  She first started off with how much bull sh** this was having to wait in the sun for a (free) valet service.  Then continued on about her kids, grandkids, previous 3 marriages and this just in, her current husband, who’s 12 years her junior. 

This shriveled up, too-tan, saggy-boobed, chain smoking lady, in far too little clothes might I add, then proceeded to tell me how it’s ok that her husband is so young, because she “doesn’t look that old”.  After trying to contain my laughter regarding her complaints about having to be in the sun as well as how “young” she looks, (when clearly she’d been in plenty of sun and really looks about 10 years older than her confessed age) she brazenly continued on.  I heard far too much of this woman’s life, and our exchanged pleasantries ended in the following comment, this as a relieved me went RUNNING to our arriving car.

“Weeelllll! Just you wait!  You’ll get to be my age, 3 marriages down, two kids, 4grandkids, and 3 stepkids.  Your kids will be in jail and you’ll be taking care of your old parents. Enjoy these years!  They’re EASY!!  I have to take care of my mother.  She drives me crazy.  I told her, ‘Don’t you piss me off, or I swear to G–, I’ll bury you in a G-String with an open casket.  TAKE THAT BI***!!!”

I about died laughing.  I wished the woman all the best with her jailbird children, her spring chick husband, and her old mother and assured her I am in fact enjoying these years and that when I’m her age, my children will not be in jail.  Funniest part?  Her mother was sitting in the shade about 10 feet away.  Shining parent moment I’m sure.  Needless to say, we’ve re-evaluated our parenting skills.  We’re pretty new at this still, but I’m pretty sure, contrary to what the uber LDS family of ours believes, we’re not raising the girls to crave or aspire to jail time!

This entire situation has come back to me, a few times every day since then, where I just replay it in my mind and have a nice little laugh again.  Seriously?  I could do with more people like this wandering onto my path in life.  This woman has provided me with such an immense amount of comedic relief, I wish I’d taken her number down, just to listen to more!  Anyway, I’m sure that some of you feel that reading this ridiculous blog is the same amount of comic relief, and if thats the case, cheers to laughs.  Sometimes thats about all you can do in life!

Ta Ta till next time, and if you so desire, make sure to send some happy thoughts and/or prayers, meditations, or whatever, in hopes that we get the aforementioned cute duplex, lest we lose our sanity.  Sionara!


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So, for those of you who haven’t heard, DAVE GOT INTO UTAH’S PMBA PROGRAM!!!!!!

We opened this letter Sunday:


Dear David:

Your application to the David Eccles School of Business has been reviewed and I am pleased to inform you that a recommendation for your acceptance into the Professional Masters of Business Administration Program beginning in August 2009 has been forwarded to the University’s Office of Graduate Admissions.


It was possibly the best Father’s Day present ever.

I was checking  our email and saw that the letter had been posted.  Dave was downstairs and I yelled for him to come and come FAST!  When he came up and saw what I was talking out about, he opened up the page to log in to.  He was fumbling with the password and log in and I was freaking out the whole time, thinking, “OH crap, this could either be really good, or really bad, dear Lord, please make it the former of the two!”  

He opened the link up to the letter and I read, “pleased” and starting yelling and screaming and crying and the whole bit.  Dave said, “You haven’t even read the whole letter!”  I yelled, “THEY DON’T PUT PLEASED ON DENIED APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!”  He was pretty hilarious.  He turned to me and was just floored.  All he could do was look at me with this huge adorable smile from ear to ear.  I’m not sure if it was because watching me was so funny or because he was thrilled; probably a lot of both.

With all the deferments on a final decision, we’d really lost hope.  With the last deferral, we talked about it, and I told Dave he should really call his coordinator.  At this point, we were sure they were either sitting on the fence, or sitting on a “no”.  I told him that really, what harm would it do in calling them and really letting them know that we’re anxiously awaiting a final decision, that he really wants to be in this program, and oh yeah, he’s got a 3rd letter of recommendation if they’d like to see it. 

That last letter of recommendation was from a radiologist that Dave works with.  It was a stellar letter, but the U only allows 2 letters to be attached to an application and not only that, but specifically states that only two will be reviewed.  When Dave called up the coordinator that he’s been in contact with throughout the process, he mentioned the letter and the guy asked Dave to forward it to him and he’d attach it to his application.  This was about two weeks ago.  The last notice that we received stated that a decision would be available July 1. 

Much to our surprise and delight, we received the answer we’ve been waiting, hoping, wishing, and praying for.  It just makes so much sense to stay where we’re at right now, even though we’d really like to move out of state.  My aunt Ronda told me that while my uncle was in law school, she’d always remind herself, “short term pain, for long term gain”.  In reality, this will be such a short time, even though it seems like its going to take forever.  We’re anticipating 3-5 years, though hopefully its on the shorter end of that estimation!

I am so incredibly proud of Dave.  He’s worked his arse off for this.  He has surpassed so many people’s expectations and predictions.  When we got pregnant with Tori, and then married a few short months later, there were many people, even his own family, that were terrible to him.  They said he’d never graduate if he “took a break”.  That he’d never get his degree and never end up finishing.  A couple idiots even tried to tell him to not marry me, as he’d be ruining his future.  Well, to those people- SCREW YOU, cause guess what?!  He did it and he’s done it again!  I’m so incredibly proud of my husband.  He’s one of the best people I know.  He’s dedicated- not just to me and the girls, but to everything he puts his heart into.  He’s done exceptionally well with his education, and I know he’ll do just as good this time around.  Its one of the most thrilling things to me to do things our way, and still succeed and prove people wrong.  My excitement and emotion cannot be expressed over a mere blog post about all of this!

To my Davie: You’re the best.  We can do anything together and I’m so proud of you.  Well, lets face it, proud doesn’t even come close.  Beaming, thrilled, ecstatic, overjoyedand everything in between.  You are gonna be great, and I know it!  I’m so glad that we’ve chosen to slough off the trash talkers, naysayers, and even the occassional family members. I love that we work together on everything.  We have a beautiful family together, we don’t rely on others, and I’d say we’re pretty dang honest about life.  I’m so happy that you can be you around me and that I get ALL your laughs, smiles, and even the occassional growls, about life.  I’m so proud of us and all the we have accomplished together.  I know this is just the beginning of it all!  Thanks for always supporting me and the girls.  We can’t wait to support you and ride the next adventure all together!

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So, I have some fun times looking at our blog stats.  It gives me the names of other sites that link our page to theirs and how many times someone from that site views our blog.  It also gives me search engine results that have led people to our blog.  Today it was, “vicente fernandez impersonator”.  REALLY?  really?  I was pretty sure we’d made no mention of Mexico’s idol, but apparently something in our text leads google to think this blog is a fabulous reference point for him.  Must be Dave’s singing in the shower. 

Things have been really busy here.  My mom came out for 6 days and left yesterday.  It was a great visit with her, and its funny how much things have changed.  She still thinks she’s a mom per se, not only to me, but now to my kids.  Ahh the cycles of life.  It was pretty funny.  We had a GREAT time at the hotel she booked for the weekend.  Tori even taught Daddy how to swim!!!!!!!!  We took the girls to the pool the first night.  Tori was apprehensive to get in because there were six, yes SIX, obnoxious children whose mother was not paying attention to anything; gotta love Utah.   They were “just being kids” but there is a point when it gets out of control.  They had some pool toys that were airborn more than a few times at other people heads, furniture and fixtures etc…   Charli was so scared she screamed when we put her in the pool, so my mom walked around with her for most of the time.  The second night Dave went and got Tori some floatie wings and she swam around the whole pool!  Thankfully, we were the only ones there.  Both girls loved it!  Niether of them wanted to leave when we said it was time for dinner.  We had a picnic with Nana that night and both nights Tori got to sleep with Nana!  She was in heaven. 

Saturday afternoon we went outlet shopping in Park City.  IF we stay in Utah, I’ve told Dave thats where I’d like to live.  Salt Lake can just be so disgusting sometimes.  The people, the environment, the culture… all of it.  So, hopefully Dave will get in to the Master’s, and we’ll be out of Salt Lake in the next 5 years.

Speaking of the Master’s!  Dave put in his application about 4-5 weeks ago.  He finished his application, but unfortunately its not considered “complete” until your references email in their letter of recommendation.  One of his references took about a week before submitting the letter, so its only been about 4 weeks since completion.  They tell you you’ll have a reply in 4-6 weeks, in the mean time I’m going to go nuts waiting!  We’re hoping to hear back any day now!  I’m so excited and proud of Dave.  He’s such a great guy.  He tries his best in everything he does, and excels in so many areas of life.  He’s a great dad, a great husband, an excellant student, a “valuable asset” to his department at work, and the list could go on and on. 

Dave tries so hard every year for my birthday.  This year was no different.  I told him all I wanted was to be out of his parents house.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but not because he and I both havent been trying.  Since we’ve lived here, we have looked at over 100 places.  YEAH… thats a LOT.  There is always something that we can’t budge on, and the 3 that we’ve applied for have just not worked out.  We’re waiting to hear back on another one sometime this weekend, but there are also 3 applicants ahead of us.  While its frustrating, I know that there is something in store for us.  We just have to be patient.  Its really hard, especially when we do things differently than his family.  However, every single time an incident arises, Dave is always incredibly supportive of me and our family and our decisions. 

For my birthday, he went and got a cake, made me dinner, and gave me the piano bench he bought for the piano that is in the garage.  There was also a very obnoxious, but cute card that had to do with coconuts…  Unfortunately I’m not able to use the piano bench right now, but its really nice and hopefully when we get out of here, we won’t have to replace the piano.  Its been sitting in the garage all winter, where its been freezing, and water has come through from the outside.  I’m so frustrated with it being out there because I was so proud when we bought that piano!  It played well considering the age and condition it was in, and I miss being able to play.  Dave’s parents have a piano, but its more aesthetically pleasing than the music that comes out of it.  Dave’s dad refinished it, and its beautiful, but some of the keys don’t work and its out of tune. 

I feel like a chump for not writing a post about Dave for his birthday.  We were pretty busy that day and I have neglected the blog quite a bit.  Dave turned 28 on the 6th.  While he feels like an old man, I keep telling him and attempting to convince him that he’s not.  Considering the years that we’ve been together, he’s accomplished much and achieved a lot of goals in a short amount of time.  I’m so proud of him as a person.  When we met, he didnt have an opinion on most things, and never really took the time to care about himself.  He was always serving other people and making sure others were happy, at the expense of his own feelings.  It was frustrating to watch how his family treated him and the lack of consideration they had for his opinions and desires.  Its admirable to me how he’s able to always put himself second, but he has since learned that standing up for yourself and what you believe in, even if others don’t agree, is not selfish, but being true to who you are.  He is insanely generous and thoughtful, and takes great care of me and the girls.  He loves spending time with us and helping me teach the girls about life.  I’m so amazed at the balance he’s able to strike between work, school, family, and our marriage.  He supports me in everything and its refreshing to hear his view on life, our girls, and things in general, especially since I’m about the only one who ever gets to hear it.  We are so different, but so much the same as well.  I could not ask for someone better to buoy me up when things get crappy.  He’s amazing.  So, babe, Happy Belated Birthday.  When we get the heck out of here, we’ll really party down k?!  😉   I love you so much.

The girls are great too, if anyone is wondering!  Charli is such a climber and my mom was astonished at how fast she is!  The girl has no fear and loves to try and keep up with Tori.  Tori is growing by leaps and bounds.  Her eye condition has not changed at all, though her eyes thankfully have straightened out some on their own.  We are due for another checkup in a few months with her.  She has an extensive vocabulary and constantly amuses us with what she comes up with.  She’s a great big sister and takes care of Charli. 

Lastly, we are considering making this blog private.  It was originally set up just for my family and friends, but has since grown some, and while we have spam blockers on the comments, it still doesnt stop whackos from viewing our sweet family.  If you would like to be added to the list you’ll need to send me an email.  If you don’t have my email, leave a comment with the email that you can be contacted through.  Or find me or Dave on Facebook and email that way. (My FB uses both my maiden and married name, so make sure to search for at least my maiden)

We hope everyone is well and appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, emails, comments, and wishes for our birthdays, as well as Dave’s application for the Master’s and our ongoing search to find our own place.  Au Revoir!

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Tomorrow(well today technically) we’re coming home.  I’m excited, but at the same time, sad.  Its been fun.  Friday we did nothing all day and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings… not that great, but Dave has always wanted to try it… its a one time thing- or take out.  Granny and Grandpa then took us to Sheridans for custard.  Saturday we went and got the car washed(thanks grandpa!) and went to IN-N-OUT burger.  Then onto shopping(YAY for the girls… I am addicted to shopping for them) at the outlets, Trader Joes, and Fresh ‘n’ Easy.  The night ended up with games with Granny and Grandpa. 

Sunday… well Sunday was not like the rest.  It was our family day.  We had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  As a kid I used to go here with  my mom and siblings if we were good.  They don’t have them in Utah, and I was really shocked at how gross they were!  I remember them being amazing! 

After breakfast we stopped and got some flowers so we could go and visit my friend’s little boy, Jack, at the cemetary.  He has a beautiful little headstone and it was precious to see Tori be so concerned about “Jacks”.  Dave and I took a little time to reflect on how lucky and blessed we are that we have Charli and she’s alive and well, and how blessed we are with both of our sweet girls.  It was sad to see so many little headstones in “The Garden of Innocence”  but so precious to see the love and time spent there.  One little grave even had solar panels, so that at night, the lights planted near the grave would light up.  It was bittersweet.  We are so happy to have our girls, but so sad for our friends, the Johansons.  Long after we left, Tori was still concerned about Jack and if he was coming out of the ground soon, and when he was coming to play.  When we left, she was on her phone saying, ‘No, Jack isnt coming, I’m sad”.

After that, we stopped by the old “new house” that my family built from the dirt up.  It was kinda sad.  The people that live there now are CRAZY!  She is a dog trainer(ok, he was REALLY nice…just a whacko wife) and no kidding- the room that was supposed to be my bedroom IS A ROOM FOR HER THREE DOGS!  WITH A FLAT SCREEN TV AND THREE LITTLE BEDS!  It was absurd.  The floors are now a stained concrete.  She keeps her barbecue and wood pile over the handprints in the concrete in the backyard.  They’ve put a pool in.  They put in fake grass, and the only real grass is disgusting and torn up from the dogs.  They’ve built 4 dog runs as well.   It’s insane!  The whole time we were there those blasted dogs wouldnt quit scaring the crap out of Tori and Charli- jumping on them, licking them, barking, etc…. for a dog trainer, I can’t say I’m impressed!  It was nuts- and another reason for me to hate dog owners that think that there ANIMAL is as important as a human being… sorry all you PETA lovers… I cannot stand animals!  They are not equal to humans, and while I agree they should be treated humanely- they should not rule a human beings quarters… insanity.  I guess the saddest part for me was that its like, these people have covered up our handprints- and yet everyday, the walk on the foundation we poured, the re-bar we tied, and all the other work we put into that house, and they don’t even think twice. 

After that, we visited some family, came home for dinner and went and visited some more family.  I really miss my awesome cousins and aunts and uncles. 

That about rounds out our trip… here are some pictures!



Charli and her crazy hair, in her favorite attire, and on granny’s kitchen floor!


Charli in the hot tub!



Tori and Charli (and daddy) having fun at Granny’s and Grandpa’s



Tori, being spoiled- I think she roped them into letting her ride 3 of these!



Spoiled again!  The carousel at the outlet malls… the same one I rode on when I was a kid!



Jack’s grave



Victoria and Charlotte visiting Jack.


Victoria, giving flowers to baby “Jacks!”


This is the small subdivision that the house is in.


This is the house…


The very corner bedroom would have been mine… but now, its this lady’s DOGS’!  The “3 girls” sleep in that room…with their flatscreen wall-mounted TV and DVD player.


Charli and Granny!


If you haven’t checked it out, I’ve added a picture of my Granny and Grandpa, to the previous post. 

There is more to come!  I took a bunch of pictures of the scrapbook that Granny has put together that has pictures of me as a little kid!  They’re not the best cause its a picture of a picture, but they’re pretty good… check back soon!

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