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So if you have not read yesterday’s post (and commented!), as promised here is the better post. 

This past week has been busy in the Payne household!  Last Saturday was our date day that Dave planned while the girls stayed at his parents house for the day/evening.  We went here, here, here, and lastly here, for this.  The “this” part was pretty good.  I liked it.  And why may I ask does everyone always ask, “And Dave was ok with that?”  As if for some reason I intentionally bring my husband for regular torture sessions?  NO!  HE planned the day might I add!   I just happen to have a very sweet husband who likes doing/seeing things I like to! 

While we were out we got these!

Aren’t they so cute!  The seal sucks, cause he’s smaller than the rest of them which = BURNT… and all the appendages of each animal pretty much look like they’ve been flame torched… ok, so not that bad, but they’re not as pretty as I’d like.  Dave’s opinion was that the undercooked ones fresh out of the oven were the best.


Charli also decided to greet us like this earlier this week!

She was taking a late evening nap and we were watching the Olympics and all the sudden I looked up and my sweet baby was just contently gazing at me, not making a peep!  She’s the happiest baby!

Days at home with the girls can often be pretty crazy.  One day last week both girls got 2 baths, but neither cares cause they both love the water, especially if they can take a tub together!

Last week I also made our anniversary cake-a dark chocolate cake with white chocolate truffle buttercream and a chocolate ganache on top… tori raked her fingers through to “give Charli a taste!” and so I ended up having to re-do the whole top in a hurry, so its not as pretty. 😦  We each had a piece and Dave took the rest to work!  He concluded that this cake+white chocolate buttercream= oreo cupcakes.  Its pretty close!

Tori still loves to make Charli laugh, and they spend all day entertaining each other and ME! (can you see the animal cracker box!?)

And our week rounded out with a 3 hour scream/tantrum fest brought to us by Tori for our Friday night entertainment.  It was so fun that I called Rose and said, “HI!  CAN WE BRING YOU TORI TOMORROW!?  Oh and charli too, but really we just need a break from Tori!”  As usual her reply was, “I’m always glad to help!” in a cheerful, sympathetic voice that only a seasoned mother could offer.

Saturday morning there was a special visitor in town!

Clifford came to Barnes and Noble!  Tori had a blast and we didn’t feel as guilty for having another date day for the second week in a row!

Thanks a million Rose(and Dale) for watching her while we went and saw this and went here.  It was not that great and both of us felt queasy afterward… not worth your money!  We also went here to get Dave a peanut butter bucket and me an apple.  The movie was pretty funny, but as usual it seems the same story line just different settings and actors… it gets old.  Which is why we’ve seen more movies in the last week than we have in the past YEAR!  I’m not a fan of seeing movies, but this looked funny and we needed some comedic relief, not courtesy of our children!  So, Saturday night ended with the following fun…

Running through the sprinklers with Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy!  Somehow we only got the aftermath with Dad, but he was soaked just as much as Tori!

Even Charli went through!

And seeing what the garden had to offer!

Tori went to go get a red cherry tomato she HAD to have.  It was so funny!  She crawled underneath a huge branch of this plant and stayed underneath there checking out her finds!  FINALLY the tomatoes are going red and so we got around 10 tomatoes, 4-5 cucumbers, 5 chili peppers, and a zucchini!  YAY!  We had an all vegetable meal Sunday with yellow beans we found at the farmer’s market, roasted tomatoes with basil, garlic and italian cheese blend, broccoli salad, and artichokes.  And this is why I love summer! 

Hope everyone had as great a week as we did!


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