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An update really has been in the works for a while.  But where do I start when our lives have just been so incredibly interesting lately?! 

Family drama, lunch with a good friend, followed up by another car wreck, subsequent ticket, Tori peeing her pants during previous said incident,deposit on a cute duplex, family drama, weekend hotel stay because of family drama, Charli being sick, Dave starting school in two weeks, getting the $20,000 bill for Dave’s first year of school, farmer’s markets finally starting(my favorite part of summer), and more family drama, etc. etc. etc.

I mean really?  Where does one start???  I think I’ll just review most of all of that.  Cause really, the details are depressing.  Lunch was fabulous, then fast forward a few hours and crash… literally.   I was not happy about the car wreck or the pending ticket.  It was one of those days where you think you’ve got some things finally figured out in life and then “WHAM! Take that!” says the universe, and you’re back to square one!  It was crappy buying new car seats again, as we JUST bought those  a few months ago.  It was crappy paying the deductible (which thankfully the car seats were part of).  It was crappy having a rental car covered in cat hair and being allergic wherever we went for 3 days.  Silver lining: It was awesome, having the car only gone for 3 days as opposed to the 2 months it took last time. 

Also even more awesome was putting the deposit down on a place we love, but realizing we’ve only seen the side of the duplex we won’t be living in, as well as hearing the whole situation has been delayed due to the current tenants… no bueno.  Hopefully more to come on that later.

And the creme de la creme????  I must say, I adore  grown men, who are really disguised as incredibly disrespectful boys.  Really??  I say this with the largest amount of sarcasm humanly possible.  I think that men who conduct themselves so incredibly cowardly are probably the most pathetic excuse of a human being I’ve ever seen.  I wish I could refer to one individual here, but sadly, I can’t.

I can’t stand individuals who hide behind who they really are as people.  I’m a brash person at times.  I know that.  I can be extremely confrontational when put between a rock and a hard place.  I know this as well.  I can also be the queen of all b****** if you double cross me.  I’m well aware of this.  But I also know that I’m fiercely loyal, I let it be known what I think, stand up for the ones I love, don’t sugar coat things, and most days I’m a pretty damn good wife and mother.  Regretfully, this person(s) has been disrespectful from the beginning.  I’m at my boiling point.  In the name of civility, I’ve stood by for a long time and not said anything.  Those times, as discovered earlier this year by the same said family, are now over.  Thankfully, it appears as though Dave is at the end of his rope of toleration as well.  The situation is far less than ideal, and boy am I grateful we’ve only got a few years left of school.  I think buying a desert island after Dave’s done with school is a fabulous idea. 

Let it be known far and wide, our plan was to NEVER move in with Dave’s parents, or any family for that matter.  I think people, namely Dave’s family, thought that when we got pregnant and married “so fast” we were going to be dependant.  I think it should be addressed that we never moved in here for monetary reasons, and its most likely cost us more living here then if we’d been on our own.  That’s a whole other story though.  Unfortunately, we were put in a crappy situation, and basically forced into an even crappier situation.  Since moving in, we’ve looked at over 300 places.  This is not an exaggeration.  We have put many hours and lots of effort into getting out of here as soon as possible.  To our credit, and something I will always be proud to say, is that I don’t feel like we’ve ever taken advantage of Dave’s parents.  We’ve conducted ourselves as adults should(most of the time at least!) and we have not depended on them or shirked the responsibilities we signed up for.  It should be known as well that we want out of his parents’ house more than any of his siblings or his parents want us out COMBINED.  We are so fed up with the BS, its just getting ludicrous.  On the same token, we’re grateful that Dave’s parents were able to let us come live with them.  When its just us and them, its not so bad most days.

I suppose a blog post is not quite the right avenue to discuss this all, however, I know there are people that are very concerned as well as those who have asked what’s up, that I really don’t have the energy to explain it all over again to multiple people.  So, in a nutshell that’s what’s been up.

On a lighter note, I seriously HAVE to share this story.  Its hysterical.  I think that in life, people cross into our lives, even for moments, to spice things up a bit.  While I’ll be infinitely happy for this little quip, I’m sure glad this woman is not someone I normally associate with!  A word of caution to those easily offended or with young eyes.

Whilst standing in the valet line after Charli’s doctor appointment(her ped said cold sores, which I really think is Hand Foot and Mouth) I met a woman.  I’m not sure of her name, but she walked up and was waiting behind me.  Quite the character really.  She first started off with how much bull sh** this was having to wait in the sun for a (free) valet service.  Then continued on about her kids, grandkids, previous 3 marriages and this just in, her current husband, who’s 12 years her junior. 

This shriveled up, too-tan, saggy-boobed, chain smoking lady, in far too little clothes might I add, then proceeded to tell me how it’s ok that her husband is so young, because she “doesn’t look that old”.  After trying to contain my laughter regarding her complaints about having to be in the sun as well as how “young” she looks, (when clearly she’d been in plenty of sun and really looks about 10 years older than her confessed age) she brazenly continued on.  I heard far too much of this woman’s life, and our exchanged pleasantries ended in the following comment, this as a relieved me went RUNNING to our arriving car.

“Weeelllll! Just you wait!  You’ll get to be my age, 3 marriages down, two kids, 4grandkids, and 3 stepkids.  Your kids will be in jail and you’ll be taking care of your old parents. Enjoy these years!  They’re EASY!!  I have to take care of my mother.  She drives me crazy.  I told her, ‘Don’t you piss me off, or I swear to G–, I’ll bury you in a G-String with an open casket.  TAKE THAT BI***!!!”

I about died laughing.  I wished the woman all the best with her jailbird children, her spring chick husband, and her old mother and assured her I am in fact enjoying these years and that when I’m her age, my children will not be in jail.  Funniest part?  Her mother was sitting in the shade about 10 feet away.  Shining parent moment I’m sure.  Needless to say, we’ve re-evaluated our parenting skills.  We’re pretty new at this still, but I’m pretty sure, contrary to what the uber LDS family of ours believes, we’re not raising the girls to crave or aspire to jail time!

This entire situation has come back to me, a few times every day since then, where I just replay it in my mind and have a nice little laugh again.  Seriously?  I could do with more people like this wandering onto my path in life.  This woman has provided me with such an immense amount of comedic relief, I wish I’d taken her number down, just to listen to more!  Anyway, I’m sure that some of you feel that reading this ridiculous blog is the same amount of comic relief, and if thats the case, cheers to laughs.  Sometimes thats about all you can do in life!

Ta Ta till next time, and if you so desire, make sure to send some happy thoughts and/or prayers, meditations, or whatever, in hopes that we get the aforementioned cute duplex, lest we lose our sanity.  Sionara!


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