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Yesterday we went to the “Zero Fatalities Safe Kids Fair“.  Its basically a fun thing for kids to do to learn about being safe.  Tori had a blast, got TONS of stuff, and they even had a few things for Charli!

Babies ‘R’ Us was one of the sponsors and put on a “Diaper Derby”.  Little kids under 18 months could race, either crawling or walking, across the floor.  So, we signed Charli up!  They had 25 babies racing all together and they wered divided up into 5 seeds of 5 babies each racing together.  Charli got 1st in her seed!  Wooo hoooo!  She was racing against 4 boys, so it was fairly humorous watching these little boys watch her go!  Then, the top 5 babies raced together.  The little boy that won 1st place was actually too old, so it was a little irritating cause his mom lied, but if she felt good about it, then thats great for them.  They won a ton of stuff- a one month membership to gymboree and then everything else that 2nd, 3rd and 4th won as well!  Charli got 4th, but in her defense, the stupid judge kept standing in her crawl path.  He’d move and she’d stop and look up at him.  It was really close between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Charli won a bunch of coupons for an organic baby food line, funny cause she HATES baby food!

The best part for me though was Tori’s cheering.  I was by myself with the girls, and every other person came with Grandma, Aunt, friend, etc etc… so, I had Tori sit at the other end and call Charli while she first started and after she got about half way down the mat I’d go to the other end with Tori and we’d scream for her to come!  Tori had so much fun and she was so sweet.  “C’mon Charli, go faster!  You can do it!  I love you Charli, C’MON CHARLI!!!!”  It was so sweet.  Dave’s siblings are all very supportive of Geoff(dave’s little brother, the baby of the family), and I admire that to a certain extent. 

My siblings were never very supportive of each other and I’m so glad that Tori is already getting a taste of what its like to be sincerely excited for your sibling.  I can’t wait till Charli and I can go and cheer Tori on at soccer, or gymnastics, or dance, or whatever she wants to try.  Growing up, we also weren’t in a lot of things.  I played piano for a while, but the only sports I remember playing were softball and soccer- I played each for one year in the community and then a half a year of softball in middle school.  Dave and I have decided that the girls can try whatever they want, and if they turn out to not like it, thats ok too.

When Charli won, Tori was just elated.  Jumping up and down telling her she won, and Charli just giggled away.  Again, I’m reminded of how lucky I am to have my sweet little girls.  They are so much fun, and even though I feel I am on the edge of losing my mind most days, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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Cosby? or Crosby?

So, around this house we watch American Idol.  We all have fun making fun of these idiots(read:TATIANA and NATHANIAL) that flaunt themselves and their terrible voices for the world to see.  I suppose its better than flaunting other things, but tonight was hilarious!

One of the girls that made it through had her parents there.  Her dad was a BIG white guy with really long hair and looked like a hippie.  Dave said something about him looking like somebody “Crosby”- I was so confused at the comment, so I replied with, “Dave- Crosby’s are black, that guy is CLEARLY white”  and he says, “Sarah, COSBY’S are black… not CROSBY’S”  Maybe not as funny to everyone now, but we were all laughing hysterically.  Even funnier now- I still have no clue who he was talking about!

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Tori to Grandma: “Grandma, can you not take our car, cause we’re gonna need that OK?”

Tori to mommy:  “Mommy, can you help me check my email so I can do my insurance, I’m going to need it for dinner tonight” 

She is SOOOO funny the things she comes up with!  Its hysterical!  Wonder why she needs insurance tonight for dinner… Must be cause I’m not cooking! =)

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hello there everyone!  Thanks for stopping by… man, there are so many of you I can barely keep up! (kidding there…)

So a ton of people (ok like 5) have wished Dave luck on the GMAT and have subsequently asked how it went.  Well, the “unofficial” results are good!  Dave wishes he would have done better, but for not taking math in 10 years, I am impressed.  He had to make a 50 or above in the “quantitative” section and he made a 55 on the unofficial report.  I am proud of him that he’s actually finished it and applied for the Master’s.  Its funny cause there were once so many people who told him that if he quit school, he’d never go back and finish.  They were adament we were somehow screwing our lives up and “ruining” Dave’s future.  (and by we here, I really mean most of these hate-weilding people really meant ME)

 I’m sure that some of those people read this blog.  And you know what I say to them!?   Ok, so no one really wants to know what I say to them, but if you know me well enough then you can *probably* guess what I’d like to shout from the rooftops.  So, here’s to those people- guess what suckers- HE DID IT AND HE’S COMING BACK FOR MORE!  crack-a-lack-a-ding-dongs…   Pending Dave’s acception to the program, he will hold the highest degree in his family AND mine.  I guess to me, its kinda like all those people who are like, “I’m the first college graduate in my family”  Yeah well, Dave will be the first graduate school graduate in his and mine.  I’m extremely proud of him and really, its a little surreal, considering just last year I was still trying to convince him this was a good idea. 

Updates on the girls!!!  Charli is now walking, and has 4 teeth!  Her favorite things to say are “Whats/Who’s that!?” and “Mama mama”  I’d like to pretend that its cause she loves her mommy soooo much she just can’t get me off her mind, but really, she says it when we tell her “No no no no”  She thinks we’re saying “Mama mama ”  She’s pretty funny.  She loves Tori and tries to keep up to her in whatever they’re doing. 

Tori still thinks she’s 2.  We try to tell her, “No!  You’re THREE now!!!!!”  as excitedly as possible- but she says, “Nope, I was 3 on my birthday and now I’m two again”  Its pretty funny.  But, when you ask her to show you how many fingers she is, she’s got that down almost pat- 3 little fingers pop right up!  Recently, she decided that she like the taste of her tongue- OK, really, she fell off her stool in the bathroom and chomped right down on it.  It bled all over the place(I’ll spare those with weak stomachs any pictures) and it still looks like hamburger.  Tori is obsessed with touching it, which freaks me out cause who knows where that “super-virus” is lurking that kills kids in two days. 

Thats about all our updates.  I still miss Oklahoma and the (mostly) sincere, down to earth people that reside there.  I have a lot of people who still mean the world to me and I miss every day.  I know one day we’ll be rich though and I’ll be able to go home whenever I want!  AND I’ll be able to fly my family down too- family that I’ve never been able to get to know cause my parents always moved us around the country.   I miss you Carissa! (and Cam, Steff, Brooke, etc etc!)

Anyway, hopefully you and yours are doing well!  Check back later for updates on Dave’s application status!

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good memory!

Well, for whatever reason all of my posts seem to be about Tori lately!  Its cause she’s just so darn funny!  I’ve had a couple people tell me that as soon as they turn three they change- one said they turn worse, the others say it gets soooo much better.  I’d like to believe its getting better, but at least I know its getting funnier as Tori expresses her little self in this big world.

The other day we went to put on Tori’s shoes.  Since we were in Vegas for all of 4 days, her feet decided to grow apparently.  We put them on and she was walking all weird saying how bad her toes hurt.  Obviously time for new shoes.  So, tonight Tori, mommy and Charli had a little night out.  We went and got Tori shoes!  We went to Famous Footwear first, though I’m not sure why.  I had a crappy experience with them a few years ago and I cant stand their customer service.  Well, their selection of kid’s shoes also appears to be lacking… SO…. we went, nothing, walked out and walked a few doors down to Kohls.  Also not the greatest selection, but apparently they carry something else that Tori loves… SANTA! 

Tori loves people.  She’s very inquisitive right now and is always asking things, “Why is that guy wearing….”  “What is that lady doing?”   “Whats her name?”   Well, as we were walking through the store to get to the shoe section, we passed a few people and I knew she was paying attention because sure enough she excitedly exclaims: “MOM!!!! THEY HAVE SANTA IN THIS STORE!!!!!!!!!”  We walked by an older man with white hair and white beard who just happened to be wearing a huge red coat.  Lovely.  Apparently she missed the cowboy boots, but thats a pretty good memory! 

Needless to say, as hysterical as I thought it was, we quickly walked away to where I could reassure her that Santa Claus was alive and well and that yes indeedy do, he shops at Kohls.

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As previously stated, story time around this joint can be pretty hilarious(see previous post). 

Today we were reading “Dear Bunny“.  In the book, the bunnies write each other letters.  In one of the bunnies letters there is a “P.S.”.  As we were reading, I read the “P.S” and Tori stops me to tell me, “NO mom!  Its G-P-S”  I almost died laughing!  On our Vegas trip, we took Dave’s parents’ Garmin, but we just call it the “GPS”  and so the whole trip Tori heard. “Oh, just look at the GPS”  or “Is it on the GPS”  or “Oh, we don’t need directions, we have the GPS”.  Smart cookie remembered it, even with all the junk floating around in her head… She is sick with an ear infection and sinus infection/cold, and I have bronchitis and a sinus infection from hell… no fun.  We’ve been really gross the last two days and I’m just praying that Charli and Dave don’t get it! 

Speaking of Charli- she is now WALKING!  YEP thats right… I said walking!  She really perfected this at Granny’s, probably cause Granny’s house is mostly tile and since her preferred wardrobe is naked, or a diaper, her little legs probably got pretty cold!  So, now she walks about 10-15 steps without falling, if she’s concentrating.  She’s still in the early stages, where, since she’s perfected crawling, will sometimes just drop so that she can get wherever she’s going faster, but I can’t believe my baby is walking!  Looks like its time for another one!  JUST KIDDING!  We are not pregnant for the record, and do not plan to become pregnant anytime soon…

Dave is just finishing up his last applications for the Master’s and will hopefully have that done by this weekend.  He takes the GMAT on the 16th, so remember to send him subliminal knowledge and say lots of prayers for him.  We’ll know about 4 weeks after he turns in his application if he’s accepted.  I hope so… because we don’t really have a backup plan, and we’re not living at Dale and Rose’s past May.  I’ll go nuts.  Not that I don’t love them, and its really not bad at all, but we need our own place.  And unlike others, we plan on staying gone.  I love my in laws, but our philosophy is, they’ve raised their kids and shouldnt have to keep raising them, or their grandkids.  Likewise, they are not our storage facility; it drives me insane we are storing our stuff here instead of in a storage unit…

Well!  Thats all our news for now!

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Tomorrow(well today technically) we’re coming home.  I’m excited, but at the same time, sad.  Its been fun.  Friday we did nothing all day and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings… not that great, but Dave has always wanted to try it… its a one time thing- or take out.  Granny and Grandpa then took us to Sheridans for custard.  Saturday we went and got the car washed(thanks grandpa!) and went to IN-N-OUT burger.  Then onto shopping(YAY for the girls… I am addicted to shopping for them) at the outlets, Trader Joes, and Fresh ‘n’ Easy.  The night ended up with games with Granny and Grandpa. 

Sunday… well Sunday was not like the rest.  It was our family day.  We had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  As a kid I used to go here with  my mom and siblings if we were good.  They don’t have them in Utah, and I was really shocked at how gross they were!  I remember them being amazing! 

After breakfast we stopped and got some flowers so we could go and visit my friend’s little boy, Jack, at the cemetary.  He has a beautiful little headstone and it was precious to see Tori be so concerned about “Jacks”.  Dave and I took a little time to reflect on how lucky and blessed we are that we have Charli and she’s alive and well, and how blessed we are with both of our sweet girls.  It was sad to see so many little headstones in “The Garden of Innocence”  but so precious to see the love and time spent there.  One little grave even had solar panels, so that at night, the lights planted near the grave would light up.  It was bittersweet.  We are so happy to have our girls, but so sad for our friends, the Johansons.  Long after we left, Tori was still concerned about Jack and if he was coming out of the ground soon, and when he was coming to play.  When we left, she was on her phone saying, ‘No, Jack isnt coming, I’m sad”.

After that, we stopped by the old “new house” that my family built from the dirt up.  It was kinda sad.  The people that live there now are CRAZY!  She is a dog trainer(ok, he was REALLY nice…just a whacko wife) and no kidding- the room that was supposed to be my bedroom IS A ROOM FOR HER THREE DOGS!  WITH A FLAT SCREEN TV AND THREE LITTLE BEDS!  It was absurd.  The floors are now a stained concrete.  She keeps her barbecue and wood pile over the handprints in the concrete in the backyard.  They’ve put a pool in.  They put in fake grass, and the only real grass is disgusting and torn up from the dogs.  They’ve built 4 dog runs as well.   It’s insane!  The whole time we were there those blasted dogs wouldnt quit scaring the crap out of Tori and Charli- jumping on them, licking them, barking, etc…. for a dog trainer, I can’t say I’m impressed!  It was nuts- and another reason for me to hate dog owners that think that there ANIMAL is as important as a human being… sorry all you PETA lovers… I cannot stand animals!  They are not equal to humans, and while I agree they should be treated humanely- they should not rule a human beings quarters… insanity.  I guess the saddest part for me was that its like, these people have covered up our handprints- and yet everyday, the walk on the foundation we poured, the re-bar we tied, and all the other work we put into that house, and they don’t even think twice. 

After that, we visited some family, came home for dinner and went and visited some more family.  I really miss my awesome cousins and aunts and uncles. 

That about rounds out our trip… here are some pictures!



Charli and her crazy hair, in her favorite attire, and on granny’s kitchen floor!


Charli in the hot tub!



Tori and Charli (and daddy) having fun at Granny’s and Grandpa’s



Tori, being spoiled- I think she roped them into letting her ride 3 of these!



Spoiled again!  The carousel at the outlet malls… the same one I rode on when I was a kid!



Jack’s grave



Victoria and Charlotte visiting Jack.


Victoria, giving flowers to baby “Jacks!”


This is the small subdivision that the house is in.


This is the house…


The very corner bedroom would have been mine… but now, its this lady’s DOGS’!  The “3 girls” sleep in that room…with their flatscreen wall-mounted TV and DVD player.


Charli and Granny!


If you haven’t checked it out, I’ve added a picture of my Granny and Grandpa, to the previous post. 

There is more to come!  I took a bunch of pictures of the scrapbook that Granny has put together that has pictures of me as a little kid!  They’re not the best cause its a picture of a picture, but they’re pretty good… check back soon!

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