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So, for those of you who have not read previous posts, we’re in Las Vegas.  Its always fun coming through the pass just before you see the city lights.  As we drove through the black abyss, suddenly we came through the little canyon that opened up just over the millions of little lights.  Dave was sleeping, so I woke him up and we just silently admired the peace while the girls were sleeping in the back.  It was a lot later than we had planned because we did not get off as expected, but thats ok.

I love visiting my Granny.  She’s pretty crazy most of the time, but 100% of the craziness translates into fun.  Grandpa is also pretty comical.  This morning they gave Tori part of her birthday present.  It was a little movie with kids playimg while they sang nursery rhymes.  To one of the tunes, Grandpa suddenly burst into song, “I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when its hot, I wear my woolen undies in the winter when its not, and sometimes in the springtime and sometimes in the fall, I jump between the sheets with nothing on at all!”  I started dying laughing. 

For those of you who don’t know the story, my grandparents got married when I was about 10.  Granny had come to visit us in Las Vegas, from Canada when I was 8, and my dad introduced them to each other at church.  a few years later, they got married, and its been crazy ever since.   Before we moved to Oklahoma, I saw them on a weekly basis.  Jenny and I have many great memories riding home in Grandpa’s green truck trying to keep our dresses from flying up in the wind.  I first started really baking without reserve, with Granny.  She’d let me come over and do whatever I wanted.  She never critisized the finished product or made me feel dumb for the things that inevitably, flopped.  I remember once, making a HUGE mess.  Instead of being mad, Granny just said, “Its not fun if you don’t make a mess!”.  I remember juicing pomegranates and making all kinds of jelly, pies, and other concoctions with the juice.  I remember spitting watermelon seeds off the back porch and the next year finding a watermelon plant that produced the best watermelon I’ve ever eaten.  Once, I rode a go-cart at their house- I had my first wreckless driving experience and Granny, had her first near heartattack.  I was driving across the front yard, when I looked back to wave at Granny, I drove right into this bench she had, and just like in the movies, the bench went flying up in the air, the pieces scatttering, and Granny came out running and yelling.  I, luckily, walked away unscathed and with a heck of a sore side from laughing so hard.  Grandpa is sitting next to me now, and we’re still laughing about it.  “Granny still tells that story”.

As I’ve grown up, Granny and Grandpa have always been there for me.  When I lived by myself, I was paranoid about walking alone at night.  My only time to cash my check was the deposit after hours on Friday night, after I got off work.  So, every Friday night, I’d call Granny and talk about life while I walked the couple miles to the bank and then the trip back home.  Every Friday night, she was there to listen.  I don’t remember her ever not answering the phone and I knew, that if someone kidnapped me or killed me, at least my Granny would know what happened. 

My crazy, but sweet Granny has been the source of many amazing memories, and after she married Grandpa, things have only been more fun, and more memorable.  The two of them together are hilarious.  They are both incredibly generous and I have many friends that call them Granny and Grandpa, too.  Even my in laws have come to affectionately know them as “Granny and Grandpa”. 

Recently, I’ve been reminded a lot of just how short this life is.  Of course, I’m not sure how much longer we all have together, but I certainly hope it’s a long time.  I’m so happy that I’m named after Granny, and so proud that my little girl is too.  I hope to be half as talented, generous, and caring as Granny is, and that someday, I learn as much patience as Grandpa displays.  He never gets mad at her, and I’ve never heard him speak ill of her, or be rude to her.  It’s a spectacular example of how to live life. 

I love them both so much, and it’s so nice to come and visit.  I know here, I always have a home away from home, and that they’ll always be so excited to see us.  Here they are!



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Another weekend has come and gone, but this weekend was a little different!  We abandoned the laundry and most of the housework and celebrated Tori’s third birthday.

I cannot believe that we have a three year old.  She is growing up so fast, and it all really does go by too quickly.  Tori is such a smart kid and comes up with things all the time that make us smile and laugh.  We were at the store the other day and she told me she was “frightened”.  She loves to play with Charli and make her giggle and the two of them are buddies. 

The majority of this post is for my own record keeping- if this bores you, or you don’t want to know some of the details… skip this post altogether (except for maybe the pictures at the end).

I remember when we first found out we were pregnant with Tori.  We were both so excited!  There was a lot of stress and for a while it was an extremely difficult situation with Dave’s family and mine at times, but Dave and I stuck with each other and did what was best for us and our Tori.  When I was about 12 weeks pregnant, I had a dream.  While I don’t remember the details, my cousin Alyssa came and told me it was a girl.  I woke up in the middle of the night, woke Dave up, informed him we were having a girl and went back to bed.

My pregnancy with Tori was relatively easy, though I threw up tons.  About 3 weeks before my due date I got really sick, and finally quit the job I was working.  About a week later, Dave was getting ready for work, and I had just finished eating breakfast around 11:30am, when I stood up, and my water broke everywhere!  We went to the hospital soon after that.  On the way to the hospital I called my family and no one answered!  I finally texted my little sister and she was the first to know that I was in labor!  Everyone else was busy.  My Dad called my hospital room at about 5 pm and told me he was flying in.  The hours drug on and finally my OB came in and checked me.  After 12 hours, no progress at all.  I was so frustrated, and tired!  I’d gone about 6 hours with no pain relief and the synthetic induction hormone.  Now, with the epidural, I’d felt defeated already and finally agreed to a c-section.  It felt like forever for them to cut her out of me, but finally I heard a loud, strong cry.  Dave left my side to go over nad be with her and as soon as he started talking to her, she stopped crying.   My whole pregnancy, he’d talked to Tori, and I knew that she recognized him amongst all the chaos.  As they were putting me back together, I heard a nurse yell, “She’s 8 pounds 2 ounces and looks GREAT!”  I started bawling.  Dave brought her over and I cried harder.  My little girl was finally here.  We stayed in the hospital for 5 days.  Those days were quite the whirlwind filled with an obnoxious boob nurse, some obnoxious comments from a few people, lots of unannounced visitors(like the time Dave’s grandparents got to see my upper half because they’d come unannounced and I didn’t have the reflexes to cover up fast enough).  My dad left Thursday morning, and saw my mom briefly in the airport as she arrived.  Five days later, I was DYING to leave that wretched room and get home, away from ever prying eyes, every-2-hour wake up calls from nurses and all things hospital.  I got in the car, only to realize how much pain I was in!  Every bump in the road felt like a living hell!  We we maybe a mile away from the hospital when some idiot pulled right out in front of us on our green light, causing Dave to slam on the breaks and nearly rear end the guy.  I started sobbing.  It hurt like crazy and I was so mad that this guy about killed me and my little family!  When we finally got back to our apartment, it took me five minutes to get out of the car, and surprisingly, less than that to climb the three flights of stairs to our apartment.  My mom let Dave and I take a nap, while she watched Tori.  Some nap that was.  I remember finally getting comfortable and my mom coming in and saying Tori was hungry!  HUNGRY?  What did this kid think I was!?  A milk machine?  I needed SLEEP!  Welcome motherhood, goodbye selfishness… I got up to feed her and who knows how much later, I wake up to my mom standing over me with her hand on my boob!!!  “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”  I asked her.  “Sarah, you fell asleep nursing and she couldn’t breathe!”  Great, thats just great.  First day home and I’m already about to kill my baby!  This will forever be to my mother, the moment she “saved” my daughter.  Really, I’d like to believe I would have woken up if she was really suffocating.  My mom stayed for about 10 days and held Tori about every waking moment that she(Tori, not my mom) wasn’t eating or getting her diaper changed.  She changed a lot of diapers and I don’t think I’ve heard “She’s such a doll!”  more in my life.  Yep, she was, and most the time, still is.  Nana left teary eyed as we did not know the next time she’d see her.  The trip was well documented with tons of pictures in about every outfit that Tori had.  

The next few months seemed like an eternity as we waited for Tori to mellow down.  We’re still waiting.  She was a very colicky baby and one time, I called Dave at work and asked him whether he wanted a dead baby, or a dead wife, when he got home.  He got the message and came right home.  God was a smart man when he put our apartment right across the street from Dave’s work at the time.  

Early on I realized Tori had problems with her eyes.  She would look at thing sideways and not be able to really focus.  Her pediatrician kept telling me it would straighten out.  It never did and at about 4 months I finally told her doctor that there was something wrong and asked where I needed to take her.  She went to two different opthalmologists over the span of 8 weeks, the latter one at Primary Childrens Medical Center.  That appointment was terrible.  It was 6 hours and a LOT of waiting.  When we left, we learned that Victoria has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, or ONH.  This is a condition where the optic nerve does not develop properly at about 6-8 weeks gestation.  The cause is unknown, but sometimes it can be seen in mothers who use alcohol and/or marijuana.  It is also seen in mothers with a gestational age of 20 or below.  Though I’ve never used marijuana, and did not drink while I was pregnant with Tori, I got pregnant at 19.  We will probably never know the cause of this, however, Tori was considered early on a “threatened miscarriage” due to abnornal bleeding.  The end result of this under-development is a nerve that is permanently small.  This causes a myriad of problems, that are different in each case.  In Victoria’s, she has a problem with some depth perception, peripheral vision, and seeing things at all with her right eye.  Her doctor has explained to us that its not the vision thats a problem, but the relaying of information.  Her TV screen has no problem, but the cable connecting the information to the picture is the problem.  He explains what she is able to see, with the metaphor of a high definition TV.  The condition is worse in her right eye and so its like she’s seeing out of a high definition TV in her left eye, and a grainy old black and white in her right eye.  Obviously, the choice is a no brainer.  Part of this condition is that sometimes parts of the brain are also underdeveloped.  At 6 months, Victoria had an MRI of her tiny brain done.  Thankfully, her brain and glands appeared to be all there, and the right size!  Hormonal deficiencies can be evident later in adolescence, due to problems with the thyriod or pituitary glands.  Its been a very frustrating thing for everyone, but she has learned to adapt and does very well.  As of today, she functions like a normal kid and we often forget that she has this condition, because she does so well.  There is no cure for ONH, but a cosmetic corrective surgery can be done to straighten her eyes.  So far, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement with no intervention.  She has glasses, but they are strictly for safety.  Her opthalmologist says he see cases all the time where a child with no peripheral vision lose sight in their good eye because of an accident, like airborn toys, sticks, or other objects.  We are very fortunate that thus far, Tori has had no limitations and has done so well.  I am grateful everyday. 

Tori is a very happy, spunky girl, and much like me when I was a little kid.  She loves to read, loves all things girl, loves to play outside and is very stubborn, opinionated, and outspoken when she thinks she needs to be heard.  she has blessed our lives in so many ways.  Every day I am amazed at the capabilities she has, and how quickly she rebounds from challenges.  She is very attuned to her surroundings and can notice small details that people often overlook.  She is very aware of people’s feelings as well.  Often times she will run up and give me a hug or kiss when I need it most. 

Victoria was named after quite a few people.  My middle name is Victoria, and its always been what I wanted to name my first daughter.  I was named after my mom’s mom, my Granny Hollingshead.  So, Victoria is name after her mommy and her mommy’s favorite grandma.  Her middle name is Lynne.  My mom’s (Tori’s Nana) middle name is Lynne.  I also have a very dear friend, Stacey, whose middle name is Lynne as well.  Before Dave and I met, I had picked out this name; thankfully he liked it as well!

The past three years have been filled with so much fun and excitement.  We’ve done lots of fun things as a family and have so amny amazing memories.  One of these days I’ll put all our pictures up.  Tori is the greatest big sister, and a very sweet daughter.  She loves to help mommy cook, and daddy vacuum.  She loves being mommy to her ChouChou dolly and playing pretend. 

I love being Tori’s mommy.  Its the best job in the world.  Here are our adventures from Tori’s birthday this year.

We went to Madagascar 2!


Came home for a few minutes and took the 3 year old picture!


Went to “the BIRD RESTAURANT!” with Cari and Dan(tori’s favorite friends)


Where Tori got the royal treatment:


At home again, she opened her new shopping cart!


Sunday, mommy made her cake, with a little bit of help from Tori.  Pablo and Uniqua are in the pool/pond/beach per Tori’s request.



She got a little shy from all the attention…s4010061

But finally blew out the candle and enjoyed the licking the successfully extinguished “3”!



She finished with more presents…(notice the others on the fireplace still waiting to be opened)


Rounding out the night she watched “Curios George” the movie, that Charli gave to her.  She got a laptop, Chevron Firetruck, a Dora shopping cart from our annual ToysRus birthday trip, all from Mom and Dad.  Easel accessories from Grandma and Grandpa, Wynken, Blynken, and Nod book from Grandma(their special night time poem together), Spongebob and Dora balls, and a Little Einsteins bathttub game, from Nana and Papa and a new CareBear from Cari and Dan!  She told me today, she wants to be two again, not three.  Probably cause of all the SWEET stuff she got!  She’s even learned the art of credit card swiping.  Her shopping cart came with a wallet that has a few paper credit cards in it.  We were watching her play pretend with it all when she walked up to the fireplace and said, “I gotta pay for this stuff!”  Whipped out her credit card and “swiped” it in the fireplace door!  HILARIOUS!  She is so smart!  Thanks to everyone that wished her a Happy Birthday!

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So, most of our days lately have been spent at home.  The air here is disgustingly filled with smog, so much so that it looks like you are driving through fog everywhere you go.  Its gross.  Its hard on my asthma, so we stay home a lot. 

At the mention of running errands Tori gets REALLY excited.  This morning I ran up to check an email that Dave sent me and all the sudden I hear, “MOM!!!! Charli and I are going to run errands ok!?”  She had asked and asked and asked me to go, but I told her we needed to get a few things done before we left.  I heard the familiar shrieks of glee from Charli so I came down to see what was going on.  They had both ran down the child gate we have up, and were BOTH on their way up the stairs.  I asked Tori who pushed the gate over(it takes a great deal of force, and Charli cannot do it by herself) and Tori proudly answered, “ME AND CHARLI MOM!”  Yeah right… you and Charli?   Victoria is a smart girl and has figured out that if it has “Charli” attached to it, she’s a heck of a lot less likely to be in trouble.  Smart kid.

Also this morning… breakfast is always hilarious around this joint.  For some reason Tori wakes up ready to go at full speed from the moment she opens her eyelids.  During the course of the day, she loses steam, but often the funniest things she says are in the morning hours.  The other day she came up to me and said, “Mom!  See this car!  Its Charli’s and it’s name is Putsy the Buttcracker!”   WHAT?!  Its name is WHAT?!  She comes up with the funniest things and today was no different.  On the yogurt we buy, there are little kids doing things.  One is skateboarding, another is doing heaven knows what, but they both looked like boys to her this morning.  She’s suddenly learned the difference between the two sexes… “MOM!  That is a boy!  I’m not a boy!  I’m a girl!  What is that boy doing on MY YOGURT?!”  (as if she’s never seen this yogurt before and has just had an epiphany of what this all means….)  “MOM!  I AM A GIRL!  BUT, my daddy- he’s a big boy!  My daddy, he’s a BIG BIG BOY!  He’s taller than that boy.”    And that was it.  I responded with “Yeah?”  and she said, “Yep!”, finished her yogurt and asked to watch “Yo GABBA GABBA!”  Pretty funny.

I love staying home with my girls.  Last night I couldn’t sleep and layed in bed thinking.  Sometimes I wish things would be less complicated.  It seems like our housing situation always has to be complicated, that Dave’s work and school always has to be intricately planned out and much effort is put into it all.  Sometimes, I just feel like its all too complicated and I wish it were simpler.  Last night I had a revelation of sorts.  Tori was pretty cranky cause we were out late doing some grocery shopping.  Most of the time, it makes me cranky too.  But last night I realized just how short it all is.  Its no big deal if she’s cranky once in a while, and I need to have more patience.  Its my fault for keeping her out later and not on her schedule.  So, when we went to brush her teeth, she let me do it, which never happens.  And while I was sitting there brushing her teeth, I realized how much I enjoy the monotany of it all.  I enjoy doing these small simple things that I don’t think twice about normally.  Believe it or not, I love changing Charli’s diaper-even if it is poopy.  Why?  Because it gives me some time to serve her and do something she is not able to do for herself.  I love helping Tori brush her teeth, and not just because I can have the satisfaction of knowing that all the “monsters” are really all gone.  I love doing all the small and simple things because it gives me a chance to really appreciate my two sweet girls and to recognize how lucky I am to be their mommy.  I realized that life is only as complicated as I make it.  It comes down to two simple things that are really one in the same:  service and love.  I serve my children because I love them, but love motivates pretty much everything we do in life.  I try and get the house looking as decent as possible, even though I fail miserably some days, because I love my in laws for letting us live here with them, and I know their house would not be messy if it werent for us.  I cook dinner, and a myriad of other things, because I love the people who enjoy the finished product.  I kiss bumps and bruises, and put the occassional band aid on because I love my girls and don’t ever want them to hurt.  I make up crazy songs in the car while one(or both) of them is screaming bloody murder because I love myself(and lets face it, them…. see previous post) enough to not lose my mind. 

And so I realized last night, in the dark of our bedroom, while I listened to my sweet baby cuddled up next to me snoring(ok, really, the duet of snores between Dave and Charli), that my life is perfect.  Its not perfect in the sense that I have everything I want, or that our bills are all paid and we don’t owe a soul a dime.   Its not perfect that we’re living with my inlaws, or that there is the occassional scuffle between Dave and I, or that I really can’t ever leave the house without my clothes smeared up one side and down the other with boogers, food, or slobber, and sometimes a combination of all of those.  But everything in my life is perfect in the sense that all of the little imperfections cannot over shadow the fact that I have everything I absolutely need.  I have two beautiful girls-that have somehow made it past the gate AGAIN and are each dying for my attention at this very moment- I have a great husband and some pretty spectacular people I count as friends, and even a few I’d claim as family.  It really is perfection.


Charli in the bathtub, her favorite hangout!


Daddy reading bedtime stories.


Daddy and Tori enjoying Daddy’s day off on Monday!


Tori sporting her “name cookie”, one of our projects to keep us from being bored to death.


Charli with said, “Putsy the Buttcracker” car…and part of Tori in her PJ’s

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I could go on and on and on about all of the things we are blessed with.  Most recently I’ve reflected on my family, and great friends.

I have been blessed with the most amazing husband.  In the past year he’s done some prett incredible things.  He’s finished up a grueling semester(ending dec 07) with Dean’s List Honors, all while taking care of a very sick pregnant wife(at the time, obviously, we have a baby now) and at times a very sick toddler, most of the time, both of us were sick.  He’s worked on average about 50 hours a week, plus school, and then coming home and often times making dinner and cleaning the house.  He finished his last semester of his Bachelor’s degree under some pretty intense stress, ending with a 3.475 GPA.  He’s continually gone out of his comfort zone to try new things and meet new people.  I could continue about the amazing things, but the post would be incredibly long.  Lastly though, he’s been working on his application for a double master’s degree in Business Administration and Health Services Administration.  I’m so glad to have a husband that can have the foresight to realize, even though all of this sucks right now, it will pay off sooner than we know it!

My children are incredible.  Though Tori tests my patience most days(like peeing two beds in a span of 24 hours… ours and hers) she is extremely intelligent.  She has the vocabulary of someone well beyond almost 3 and can at times, be the most sensitive, caring child.  Her vigor and passion for life and everything in it seconds no one I know.  She LOVES to learn about new things and help out whenever possible.

Charli is the sweetest little girl.  She is very happy, giggly, and has a ready smile for anyone.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes and I could not ask for a better baby.  She has her moments of frustration, but overall, she’s happy and bubbly.  She is also very smart and can figure out a way to get around just about anything you put in her path.  She’s managed to master the 15-stair staircase and can beat anyone to the top in record time.  Her sweet coos of “mama” and “dada” bring a smile to my face constantly.  The way she looks at Tori with adoration is so much fun to watch.

I have a few amazing friends that continue to be there through everything and anything.  I have recently been in contact with a few I haven’t spoken to for years and its been refreshing to see that some people remain the same through and through.  Its always neat to me to see how we all connect to each other on this massive earth, but in such a small world.

Recently I was reading a friends blog and she had mentioned some friends of theirs going through a very rough time right now.  Their baby was born with a lot of problems and was in the NICU.  Sadly, the story doesnt get much better, but is was so inspiring to read the posts from this woman, who I don’t really know, but in so many ways is similar to our family and what we went through not so long ago.  The pages and pages of heart wrenching details of their son’s life reminded me of our few days of misery with Charli, the rollercoaster ride it was, and just how lucky we are that it wasn’t so much worse in the end.  And through everything, Elizabeth has never doubted her faith, or where she is going, or who she is.  Its incredible.  While the story is so sad, its also, extremely inspirational and I commend her on how she’s handled everything.  I know that we were near hysterics when we went through a fraction of what they have, with Charli.  If you’d like to check out their story, read it here.  I certainly believe that God gives certain people experiences not only because others could not handle them, but because the way in which certain individuals respond to their trials is a tremendous example to others.

I feel so blessed to be married to a guy who loves me and his girls so much and feel doubly blessed to have two sweet little girls that bring so much joy into our lives.  Dave and I are so lucky that things have turned out the way they have and I’m so grateful for the things that we’ve done, together, in spite of what others thought, or what was put in our way, to really make so many of our dreams come true.  I could not ask for a better life right now.

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So, here’s that photo I promised of our “dented” car, and by dented I really mean smashed up… lovely eh?  So, now that its been a week do we still pray that the dishonest soul will come forward, or do we change our prayers that someone will hit the other side and we can get it all fixed!?  I’d really like to get that other headlight replaced anyway, so…. who knows, but either way, I’m still upset, and it still sucks!


Do you like how you can see the tire tracks in the reflection of the dent?!

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cottage: ____________

So, what word did you think of?  Cottage is to house?  Cottage is to cheese?  Well lemme just tell you how story time goes in our house:

Me:  Do you wanna read a book?


Me:  Ok, (about to start reading)

Tori:  Mom look, there’s a duck on the page!

Me: Yep there, is, now….

“The three bears live in a forest.  There’s a great big Father Bear, a middle sized mother bear and there’s a tiny wee baby bear”

Tori: NO MOM, his name is LITTLE bear. ok?

Me: ok, tori, ‘and there’s a LITTLE bear.’

Tori: Thats right mommy, now keep reading.

Me: ‘Mother bear fills three bowls with porridge.  But its too hot to eat.  “We’ll go for a walk while it cools”says Father Bear”  And they go out of the cottage”

Tori:  CHEESE!!!!!!  The cottage cheese mom!!!!!!!!!  See that, that’s their house, the cottage cheese!


This rendition of “Goldilocks” is not the best one I’ve ever heard, but it was certainly the best today.  Tori is soooo funny.  For those of you who don’t know, our daughter is *mildly* obsessed with cottage cheese.  She seriously could eat a whole pint if you let her.  So, naturally, the bears MUST live in a cottage cheese, which apparently, is Tori’s dream house.  Now if only we could get out of grandma and grandpa’s house into our own cottage…cheese.

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So I was totally going to write this post yesterday, but I guess there’s nothing like a little perspective.

Yesterday I thought things were going terrible.  I woke up to a 7:45am call from Dave saying that they didn’t really even need him at 6am and he’d been doing nothing since he got to work, and on top of that, he’d mistakenly put my contacts in, instead of his, and couldn’t see.  Dave took his dad’s car cause it was snowing, so his Dale was going to take ours, take Rose to drop her car off at the dealer to be serviced(YES, we take our cars to the dealership where certified technicians work on them and where we know that they’ll be done right, and YES we pay more; its called paying for peace of mind).

Well since Dave couldnt see, I dropped Dale off at work with Rose’s car and then took Dave his contacts, and met Rose, who had our car, at the dealer, and she got a rental.   

I proceeded to run errands, my first stop being the bank, at which I pulled out a check that Dave was supposed to sign, but didn’t, and so I couldn’t cash it.  Tori was whiny and we finally just came home.  I was talking to my Granny on the phone telling her how Charli can crawl all the way up the stairs with no help when Granny said, “and she doesnt fall!?”  I said, “No way!  Someone is always behind her!”  As the words left my mouth I hear Charli falling down the stairs.  Lovely.  I was already in a crappy mood, but this just made it all the better.  So, after Charli was fine I went and started to make dinner(crockpot taco soup-YUM).  I picked up the bag of canned stuff(10 or so cans) and the whole thing ripped and dumped all over me.  The rest of the day was a series of little annoying things-adding the wrong kind of tomatoes to my soup, dave getting a parking warning on his dad’s car, getting home later then expected, all that made up to be one big annoying day that I was sure was going to be the worst day of the week… that is until we got to today.

I was sure today was going to be better.  No big deal, I’ve had one annoying day, and it wont be so bad, right?!  WRONG.  I have a mom’s group that I go to once a month.  Today was that once a month.  I got there late, because we left later than planned because we woke up late.  We finally got to the class, and Tori insisted on going in the nursery.  Well… Tori decided screaming was a great way to express her love for the other kids in nursery today.  She HATES nursery, but for whatever reason always thinks that she’s going to like it.  So every month, we do the same thing- we get there, take her to nursery, and I go to the class, and within a half hour(sometimes only 5 minutes)  I can hear a screaming banchee from across the building and I know that its my child.  Oh the mother’s love, to recognize her screaming child from across a building, I guess they’re right when they say, love has no walls, or whatever it is they say, whoever “they” is.  So, once I finally get her calmed down, she comes and for the most part, sits through my class.  Every month this happens!  Without fail.  So, after it was all over, I caught up with some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while, then made my way out to the car.  I walked out and our car was one of only two cars in the dead middle of the parking lot- everyone else had arrived early enough to get a spot lining the building.  I mention this because the WHOLE PARKING LOT WAS EMPTY aside from me and the other car in the middle and about 5 other stragglers who hadn’t left yet.   So I look out at our car, and at first don’t see anything, then do a double take and realize that someone has back right into our car!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT?!  ITS A HUGE DENT!  So big, that today, when we went to pick up Dave at work and he saw it, he said, “Is it a hole or a dent?!”  Yes… well, call it what you want… the Grand Canyon, Texas, a large hole, a big dent… whatever…it was MASSIVE!  And for backing up?  My hell, who backs up at 90 MPH?  Are ya serious?!  I could understand a scratch, or even a small dent, but sheesh- THIS?!  No way…

 So, there are really only about 10-15 people that come to this and about 1/3 of them walk.  Including our car, there were really maybe only ten cars.  Worst part is, I’m nearly positive I know who it was, but she won’t fess up and since its private property, the police can really only facilitate an exchange of insurance information, IF we knew who the driver was.  The policeman was pretty shocked that no one left a note, considering this is a pretty tight knit group of women; we all know each other(if its who I’m thinking of, we go on playdates and our kids are the same ages) and it would be unlikely that someone would do this and not leave information, however, there was still slush on the ground and clear tire tracks that went straight into our car.  So, now we’re left with this car that has a massive dent, and there is no way we can pay to fix it!  The policeman said he’d guess probably around 1000-1500 worth of damage- YEAH… its a big dent and its popped our bumper off of where it attaches to the car. 

And since I spent a half hour with this policeman, everything else in my day was screwed up.  I missed an appointment and had to reschedule for 3 hours later, I didnt get to Costco and some other places cause I didnt have the time, so we went after we picked up Dave from work, which made us get home way late, which made Tori go to bed way late, and tomorrow I’m watching a couple of little girls while their mom goes to the doctor.  I dropped my phone in the nasty road slush, Tori kicked her nasty slushy feet all over the back of the driver’s seat on mutliple occassions today and so now, along with our white trash dent, we have cute little footprints to match!  Its like an Arkansas birth announcement…

I swear, some days are just like this.  I know it will be no big deal, and thankfully I wasn’t standing next to the car with both girls, like I would have been on a warmer day.  And really, if this dent is the worst thing that is going to happen(its not, we’ve had worse) then we’ll be ok.  Which we will be.  Its just REALLY irritating for the time being… So… leave us a little love in the form of a comment below… we could use some love, comedic relief, or whatever else you’ve got to offer, maybe a nice big fat check to fix our car!  Have a great day, and remember:  Watch out for parked cars!

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