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It’s Christmas!

Oh man, I am so excited!

You know, I’m really not a huge fan of Christmas.  I find it entirely over commercialized and occasionally, you find scrooges, who instead of making it a joyful time of year, really ruin the magic of it all. 

However, I think the experience of Christmas becomes completely different once you have your own kids.  Tori is hysterical!  One day she LOVES Santa and talks about what he’s going to bring her, the next she says she hates him.  Last night she said, “I don’t want Santa to come, I don’t want him to bring me a ChouChou dolly, and he can’t come”  Its hilarious!  But, I know she’s getting antsy.  All the presents are wrapped upstairs in our room and she thinks she needs to peek all the time!  She doesn’t quite get the secrecy thing yet either!  The girls and Dave bought me something yesterday while I was taking my dear friend Megan to the airport.  On the way home, Tori called me.  She told me they got me a present and so I asked, “WHAT IS IT!!!!???”  I know she’ll tell me, and even though I’m alright keeping it a secret its HILARIOUS watching Dave freak out.  And by freak out, I mean make our two year old daughter start sobbing because he’s yelling at her to not tell cause ITS A SECRET!!!!!  It was soooooo funny.   Tori is no worse for the wear, but she just couldn’t figure out why Daddy was having a spaz attack!  Pretty funny. 

Charli is probably most excited for Christmas because it means her favorite meal: PAPER!!!!  The child is obsessed with paper- and most specifically eating it.  ALL the time.  She will find whatever she can and just chomp away on it.  Its gross, but really funny.  And if you attempt to release the death grip she’s got on it, be prepared for shrieking screams.  Seriously, we could buy her a large package of paper and she’d be tickled pink.  Its SO funny!

I apologize for the lack of pictures lately.  Our computer does not hook up to the internet here, and so we just use my in laws.  Dave, to his credit finally pulled all the pictures off the video camera and digital camera! 

Speaking of Dave, he finished all his finals this past week! YAY!!!!!!!!!  He has a statistics class that he had to make a B in.  Since we’ve moved to Rose and Dale’s its a commute almost 3 times as long as before, so its been difficult to make it to class on time, especially when we drive him because we need the car.  BUT, he pulled it off and got a B+!!!!!!  YAY DAVE!  I am so proud of him and our next big hurdle is the MBA application as well as the GMAT.  Dave is incredibly intelligent, so I’m sure he’ll do wonderful, but none the less, they are all still stressful!

That’s pretty much it for us.  This year is our year with the Payne side, so we’ll be staying here and not travelling, which is great because this past week we’ve been pounded with storm after storm and have had about 12 inches of snow!

We hope everyone is doing well and received our Christmas cards.  Have a Merry Christmas!


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The chocolates are dipped,the letter is written, the cards are here, I’ve addressed half the envelopes and am just about done with everything!  It’s all going out this week!  YAY!  If you read this, and still have not sent us your address, send an email our way.  Look for cards in your mailbox soon!

Pictures to follow of all our festivities- in other words, when we can find the cords to our cameras, and I can convince Dave that its a good way to spend his time getting all the pictures off, you’ll see some!

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