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Sometimes life is so weird!

First off, we’re still at R&D, things are going pretty well, minus the fact we don’t have our own place.  Things are really pretty great when its just us and Dave’s parents.  We have a lot of fun, there is a lot of laughter, and really, watching Rose laugh till she can’t breathe is SO funny to me!  Its happened a couple times.  This week I asked to see their wedding albums.  As I was looking through I made a couple comments and Dale said something about “phototshop”.  Right after that I was looking at a picture of Rose and Dale kissing on their wedding day and I looked over at Dale and said, “You should do that to her more often!”  and his response was “Photoshop her?!”  Everyone laughed-especially Rose and she gets this hysterically cute/funny I-can’t-stop-laughing-so-I’m-going-to-stop-breathing face and it makes me laugh harder.  The whole thing was really funny, even though those of you reading may not be laughing hysterically right now… 

ALSO, on the same note- Dale and Dave are very similar in their little I’m-such-a-funnyman quips… Dale the other night with the photoshop thing and Dave does it incessantly about whatever he can.  Its nice because early on in our relationship, Dave wasnt very forthcoming with the funnyman stuff… he was amazed how many people really wanted to be near him and be friends with him when he came out of his shell a little… my favorite part has been seeing him form his own opinions and voice them when he feels like it. 

The biggest negative part of us living here is that its not our house.  A few weeks ago EVERYONE was here.  It was a full house and a lot of fun for the most part, but we ended up leaving for a near 2 hour drive cause we(mostly me) needed a break.  We try(and did even when we weren’t living here) to be respectful of Dale and Rose’s house and always try to look after Tori and make sure she wasn’t/isnt running amock or being rude to others- unfortunately not everyone thinks the same way, and Rose and Dale are often left to be the disciplinarians, even though in our eyes, they’ve raised their kids and shouldn’t have to.  It drives Dave and I nuts, but at least we can make sure our kids are polite and respectful- at least thats the plan, cause as I write this my dear sweet child is throwing a fit on the floor… but no one is home but us!    And on Sunday she was “helping” grandma and pushed this crystal Mikasa bowl off the counter, shattering it everywhere and sending jellybeans even further…

Well, its about dinner time here.  We’re having leftovers from Rose’s awesome Sunday dinner of roast beef, rolls and mashed potatoes.  adios kids…

OH YEAH… my cousin savanna has this link on her blog to some of her friends… apparently she is friends with this girl I went to elementary school with!  Small world….


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sheesh, what a week

So its almost 12:30 as I start this, and I’m listening to Charli grunting at my feet with the occassional squeal, and hearing “Little Bear” in the background while Tori sits on the couch and Dave finishes his Stats homework at the kitchen table.  So you may think what are the kids up for?  Good!  You got moved in and have your table set up… one problem.  We’re not in Millcreek.  We’re in Sandy- why is that?  Let’s back up a few days.

Wednesday night we signed our new lease and got the keys for the new place.  We were there for about an hour and I came home and had a mild asthma attack and allergic reaction.  I thought no way could it be from the new place cause they said there had been no animals there.  Since I’m hyper-reactive to pets, I thought maybe the landlord had an animal, and since she had held Charli, its possible it could be from Charli’s clothes.   So, Thursday I came back to clean.  Not that the place was not clean to begin with, but this is common practice now for me, because I am so reactive to anything and everything.  I cleaned for two hours and had a litte bit of sneezing and itchy eyes.  Since I was steam cleaning and cleaning every surface I thought surely it would be fine.  I left for a few hours to do some stuff at the old place, and then came back.  I cleaned for about 3 more hours and no kidding- by the end my legs were covered in hives and I had called Dave telling him he needed to come NOW cause I could not breathe.  We went back home and I had to use my nebulizer(breathing machine) for the first time in 3 years.  It sucked. 

So, that night we had to make a decision.  It was clear that we could not live there, but at this junction, it was a choice between the lesser of two evils.  Stay at the crapshoot duplex with the psycho neighbors and slumlord, or get out when we said we would-Friday night at 6pm.  Having no place to go, it was a *little* stressful.  So, when Dave left his parents house earlier Thursday evening, they had told him that of course we could come there. 

So, long story short, we decided that we just needed to leave.  We spent the majority of Friday evening and most of Saturday morning and afternoon moving out.  As usual, I thought we had more done than we did, but when you have six people moving boxes and only 1-2 packing them, of course its going to go quick.  Dave’s dad Dale deserves most of the credit- he is (as usual) always willing to help.  Dave and I were not going to clean the place as Berdjey-Boy(daves nickname for him) had told us to “just get your stuff and leave” but leading by example, Dale brought all the cleaning stuff and started to clean- showing us that even though Berdje might not be doing the right thing, we can still do whats right.  So, we spent 3 hours cleaning.  We were out by 3pm Saturday!  No more Berdje Bezdjian and no more crazy neighbors.

So, now we’re at Dave’s parents home and looking frantically for a home for our family.  Its nice to have a place to stay that we know is safe, and really, has pretty good company.  I have been able to see where Dave gets his sarcasm from as well(read-DALE).  And when I said, “the lesser of two evils”  I simply meant that Dave and I believe that families should have their own identity.  Dale and Rose have done their job raising kids(a spectacular one named Dave might I add) and should be able to enjoy their house kid free, those Rose insists that she loves having us here.  And we really have our own routine with the kids that gives them stability and security knowing what to expect.  All of this has been hard on Tori, cause normally, at Grandma’s you listen and respect Grandma, but now, its all turned around having to listen to Mommy and Daddy first, then Grandma and Grandpa.  Its been rough on her, but I think she’s starting to understand it all-which sucks cause now we’ll be picking up and moving again soon! 

Please pray that our family will find another great place to live.  And if anyone needs a name of some great people to rent from give us a call- we are so sad we could not be renting from the other people.  They were great and really had no idea that there were animals in there.  They were so concerned for me and had no problem nullifying the lease and giving us our check back- a nice switch from Berdje. 

Anyway, we hope you and yours are doing well, have a good week!  We’ll be busy looking for a place to live!

The Paynes

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