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So if you’ve talked to Dave or I at all lately, you’ve probably heard our disdain for our *mildly* PSYCHO neighbors.  I wont go into all of it, but this crazy wench(friend of the other crazy wench that already lives here) moved in across the courtyard in July or August- she’s been a psychopath(watching our every move) pain in the (insert choice here) since then…

We don’t instigate, provoke, or engage when she goes off, and she continually does it-in front of our kids, in front of our guests, and of course, all the other residents here.  I think our lack of concern or care for her ticked her off.  Her anger coupled with some serious drugs(no exaggeration there…) made for a volatile confrontation starting with her opening her door and literally, screaming at us from about 20 yards away… yeah… she’s crazy.  We went over and tried to reason(BIG mistake) and we eventually just called the police and made a report.  She’s been threatening us and our property, so we’re moving!!!!  Yep, we’re leaving this crapshoot and taking flight for better places!  At least thats what we’d like to hope… we’d like to be in our own house, but we’re confident the people we’re renting from aren’t going to screw us over like our current landlord(he’s making us pay all of October’s rent, even though we’ll be here for only 4 days of it)).  We’ll also be closer to Dave’s school/work! 

We’ve found a basement apartment in Millcreek just east of where we are now.  The tentative plan is to move Friday, but it depends on when Dale, Dave’s dad, can get the big truck and when we can summon help!  We have a few big things to move(note PIANO) so some muscles (read:BILLY 🙂   ) would be great!  If you’d like to help, just give us a ring and we’ll let you know what time we plan on starting!


the paynes…


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