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So, for those of you who have not read the past week’s posts- get to it!  Remarkably, I looked back and I think this will be post #5 in a row!  YAY for the Paynes!  Anyway…

Pretty crazy haircut eh?  I’m not quite sure if I really like it yet, but Dave keeps telling me I look cute- I dont know if that’s to convince himself or an attempt to convince me…  It is a LOT lighter as well as cooler for the most part.  Its so short I have a “feather duster” as Dave calls it, for a ponytail!  AND not all of it even fits in the ponytail.  The girl who cut it was really sweet, but she kinda started doing her own thing before asking me what I really needed/wanted.  Once I said, “Well I’d like to be able to still put it up, she STOPPED chopping… which gave me the indication that I was going to be hard pressed to get a ponytail in.  Oh well, my hair will grow back, the people that need my hair, theirs probably won’t grow back, so its ok.  Here’s some more pics…

Me at home with my fabulous braid…

Nine inches became WHAT?!!!!!!!

AND check out this diameter!  Sorry its so blurry.

Crazy that its all gone, but I’m still on all the prenatals, so I’m sure it will come back quick… not as quick as if I was pregnant- BUT- thats not happening anytime soon!


Also in the Payne happenings, my GORGEOUS cousin got married!  Billy is a great guy and we’ve come to love him!  Tori and Charli were supposed to be in the wedding in Vegas, but unfortunately that didnt happen.  With all the crap thats gone on with my health, coupled with gas prices, it was not feasible.  Thank you to Savanna for two beautiful dresses and of course, to the best cousin in the world.  I love you!

Tori and “Vanna!”

Savanna, her parents, and our family!


Also, we blessed Charli last week in Dave’s parents church.  Things went GREAT.  Charli was a doll during the blessing.  Dave did a great job of speaking up since there was no mic and probably 250 people in the congregation…  TONS of our family came out to support us.  Lots of friends made the trip down to Sandy as well and were much appreciated.  We had a *small* luncheon afterwards, which about 50 people came to.  It was a lot of fun, and as always, my in laws, Dale and Rose are hospitable enough to let us borrow their house!  Saturday morning, the day before the blessing, Dave’s siblings re-did the yard and painted the upstairs and all sorts of home improvement projects.  It looked fabulous and we spent all of Father’s Day at their house.  Thanks to everyone that helped, or came out to support us, it was a lot of fun seeing everyone and the food was great as well.  For those of you who missed it(TAMMY!)  sucks to be you, cause you missed out!   🙂

My parents had come down for Savanna’s wedding and my Granny/Grandpa were in the state for their son in law’s marathon in St George, so my family was able to make it to the blessing- here is FOUR generations of females in my family.  Dang it that my mom and Tori couldnt be look at the camera!


So with all of this hoopla, Dave did not really get a Father’s Day.  Earlier this week I told him that I was going to do it today, but he reminded me I have surgery and it would not be possible- well since I was not planning on NOT having surgery, I didnt really have a whole lot planned.  Sucky, but I figured it out last night and hopefully today will be relaxing and pleasant for him.

This morning he got crepes in bed… this was the result!

Vanilla-Cinnamon crepes with a fresh raspberry and honey fruit filling topped with vanilla bean whipped cream, almonds and fresh raspberries!  I must say I’m impressed with myself, but the best was when Dave said, “I think thats the best breakfast I’ve EVER eaten…ahhhh”  it was great.

Tonight we’re having rib-eye steaks(at Dave’s request) with “granny potatoes”, asparagus and I have figured out what else, if anything. 

Aside from the good eats and all thats gone on the past couple months, Dave is still the most amazing Dad.  There are times when I am completely impressed- like the night I went for a drive at 2am cause I was going crazy, and in the 1/2 hour I was gone he managed to get Tori in her bed(we’d been trying for about 6 hours) and Charli asleep.  And then just the day to day stuff that makes me love him more everyday.  He cleans the house for me.  He lets me sleep in on the weekends.  When he gets home he almost always gives me a hug and a kiss and then relieves me from the kiddos.  One of my favorite things to do is watch him with babies- particularly OUR babies.  With Charli he is so funny.  He was the same way with Tori and in suit, he got Charli to laugh the other day for the first time!  It was a terrified/unsure laugh, but a sweet, cute, priceless giggle still the same.  On top of being a wonderful dad he’s the most fantastic husband and I couldn’t ask for more.  He’s been so concerned with my health and how I’m feeling and instead of feeling sorry for himself for all the stress he’s had to go through, he comes to me and says, “Babe, I’ll just do more.  You just need to rest and get better.  Its only temporary and things will get better.”  His courage and willingness to do whatever he can are incredible to me.  The never ending support and love from him are more than I could ever ask for.  Late last year when I wrecked our car, had my hernia surgery and all the other stuff, he made the comment, “well we’ll make sure to get all the crap out of the way in the first 5 years of our marriage and then things will be smooth sailing”  As of late it feels like we are tormented and tried every time we turn around…  HOWEVER, at night when I lay next to him and hear him softly snoring, or on the weekend when we spend our time with just the four of us, I realize how lucky and grateful I am to be a wife to this amazing man and mommy to these gorgeous little girls.  No matter the trials, my Davie will always be next to me and that alone is enough to get me through anything. 

Thanks babe for all your work, your dedication to our family(and your parents, its such an example to me), your love for me and the girls, and everything you do.  You’re the best, Happy Belated Father’s Day!

The best daddy in the world!



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Just a little haircut

So, Sarah has been talking to me a lot lately about getting her haircut. “I’m just going to trim it” she tells me. Well, today was the day of the big haircut. Nielsen Sio Salon & Spa was doing haircuts for $20 today with all the money going to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. We thought it was a worthy cause.  To me, a bit pricey for a haircut, since Sarah just cuts and/or buzzes mine- but a good donation for a great charity. Here’s what happened:

This is Sarah with 2News anchor Mark Koelbel at the scene of the crime.

This is Sarah with 2News anchor Mark Koelbel at the scene of the crime.

Are you surprised that Tori was confused as to who was coming into her house? She sat there looking at Sarah trying to figure out who she was; and then when she figured out who it was, she tried to figure out what had happened to her. It was priceless.

In all seriousness, Sarah has been planning to cut her hair and donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for quite some time. Since the surgery didn’t happen yesterday, today was the day. Keep in mind that the amount of hair she cut off is about 13 inches total, and what she is holding in her hand is braided. I think she looks very cute and sexy with her hair that short. I didn’t think I would, but with her donating it to a very good cause, I couldn’t be happier with or more proud of my sexy, short-haired wife. I love you Baby!

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Most of you “knew” that Sarah was going in for surgery today to have her gallbladder removed. Well, we made all the arrangements for it: Tori stayed at my mom and dad’s house last night, my mom took work off for the day, I arranged to have today and Monday off work, we woke up and got to the hospital when they told us to be there. We were all ready to go. When we checked in, they told us that Dr. Vargo had called in sick today and that we were going to have to reschedule the appointment for a later date. They said they called us at 7:09am to let us know, but we didn’t answer or check our messages before we left. WE WERE GETTING READY FOR SARAH TO HAVE A SURGERY!!! It never occurs to me to check my phone for messages at 7:30am anyway. I guess we’re going to have to start making that a regular occurence before I leave for work.

Anyway, after we found out the surgery was not going to happen today, we went and found Dr. Vargo’s secretary, Dellene. We saw her and she said, “What are you guys doing here? You’re supposed to be at the other end.” Apparently, his secretary didn’t even know. So now she’s working on rescheduling it for a different day, at least 2 weeks away. We are not very happy about the whole situation. Since I wasn’t going to be needed at home, I stayed at the hospital to work. It’s not fun working when I didn’t think I would be here at all today or Monday, but now I will be…with bells on I’m sure.

We hope everyone else’s day is better than ours has been/is!

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It has been another exciting week at this Payne household. Doug, Lois, and Christopher came to town last weekend (see previous post) so we were able to spend a little time with them. It really was a little bit. They arrived on Friday around 5:00pm and left Sunday around 11:00am. It’s always so sad to see them go (I know, I’ve said that before, but it’s true!). You just never know when you’re going to see them next so it’s sad. And Tori loves her Nana and her Papa and her Uncle Chris. I just wish we were all close so that she could develop a really close connection with all of Sarah’s family, but it’s just hard for her.

The reception for Savanna and Billy on Saturday night was really nice. I was expecting more of a fiesta-type fill to the event, but there was not one piñata or Vicente Fernandez impersonator insight. To be honest, I was a little disappointed: I went expecting a party, but only found a boring old wedding reception. In all seriousness though, it was really nice and it was fun to meet more of Sarah’s family and talk with them. I met Sarah’s Uncle Bill (actually her dad’s cousin) about 2 years ago when we visited Sarah’s Granny in Vegas, but no one else from the family was in town at that time. So I got to meet the rest of the family and talk to them a little bit which was really nice. Originally, we were going to go down to Vegas for the wedding where Tori and Charli were going to be flower girls for the wedding (due to current gas prices, we were unable to make the drive down to Vegas for the event), so Savanna gave them their flower girl dresses on Saturday (we’ll post pictures at a different time). They were so cute in their little white dresses!

Sunday, we blessed Charli in my mom and dad’s home ward and had a little luncheon with all our family at my parents’ house afterwards (their house is a lot better for fitting large numbers of people than ours is). We would like to thank: Doug, Lois and Chris; Dad, Mom, Amber, Bryan, Neal, Riley, Matt, Andrea, Ethan, and Jake; Aunt Darla; Uncle Don and Aunt Leann; Uncle Randy and Aunt Lou and Family; Uncle Garth and Aunt Sharon and family; Uncle Bill and Aunt Lorraine and family; Granny and Grampa; Grandma Poulsen; Grandma and Grandpa Payne; and anyone else that came to support our family. Also, a big thanks to Mom and Dad, Amber and Bryan and the boys, and Matt and Andrea and the boys for all their help cleaning up and beautifying Mom and Dad’s house/yard to allow us to have so many people over. It is always nice to have a get together to see how many people want to and are willing to support you and your family for whatever reason it may be. Thank you to everyone! It was a really special day for all of us, and Charli was so good during her blessing!

Now to the fun news…we found out on Tuesday that Sarah has h. pylori. She is currently on a 14 day antibiotic treatment to hopefully get rid of it. It’s a bacteria that lives in the stomach that is pretty difficult to get rid of. We are hoping that this will take care of all of it. We are trying to figure out if we should get the rest of us tested for it, but we haven’t quite decided on that yet. Also, Sarah is going to have her gallbladder removed and her hernia repaired tomorrow. It had been a fun-filled time this last little bit, but it will all turn around hopefully starting this weekend. I just hope she feels better.

On Saturday, I received my diploma in the mail. As Sarah puts it, I have my $20,000 piece of paper. I guess it’s officially official now. What a relief! I am so glad to be done.

Lastly, I would just like to give a belated Father’s Day to my fathers.

Doug: Thank you for all you do for me and for my family. You are always willing to share your advice and your knowledge with us/me and we appreciate it so much. Thank you for taking care of us and showing us your love.

Dad: The way you have embraced and accepted my family has meant the world to me. Thank you for always being there to help us and offer your support. I know that when you have my girls they are in good hands. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and your advice with us. I appreciate every gesture of love shown to me and my family. There is no one else I would rather have as my DAD. I love you Dad!

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Boogery Noses

I thought Sarah did a wonderful job with her post. Yes, I have told Sarah that she is free to post on here whenever she likes. So she did. Plus, I knew that if I had told the same stories she told, they wouldn’t have been nearly as good (she’s a much better story teller than I am). And, most of the people that read this would be interested in what Sarah has to say and what she is going through. I thought it was really good…I know I liked reading it.

As you can tell from Sarah’s post, life has been busy. There has been little down time for either one of us and I think that it is finally catching up with us. Tori was sick over the weekend (booger faced) and now Sarah, Charli, and I are sick (booger faced, nasal congestion, head congestion…at least I am). I don’t know how sick Charli is (she’s been a booger-y kid all along anyway), but Sarah and I are miserable. It’s not fun. Last night we had a “sleep over” in Mom and Dad’s room last night and had the humidifier on. I feel a lot better than yesterday, but I still don’t feel great. Tori “slept” on the floor (with her pillows, blankets, and folded up blankets as a mattress) by my side of the bed. I woke up at one point and there she was, lying in my arms in the bed. I eventually got so annoyed I put her back on the floor in “her bed.” A little while later, I woke up with someone tapping on my foot. I looked up (since I’m blind without contacts or glasses) I just started yelling “Tori! Tori! Tori! If you don’t get back in bed, you’re going back in your room!” The whole time Sarah was saying, “Dave. Dave. Dave. It’s me, not her.” Sure enough, Sarah was lifting her leg up and down hitting my foot while Tori was sound asleep on the floor. At the time, not so funny but pretty funny now. So we all feel sick. 😦

Each night, after Tori gets ready for bed, brushes her teeth, and we say family prayer, either Sarah or I will hold Tori in her chair and have special time with her. It’s usually just about 5 minutes where we talk to her and ask her about her day, we try to make her feel important to us. She loves to look at her “Auntie Jess posters” on the wall and talk about the birds she sees. The other night, she picked me (yay!) to have special time with her. I was so tired I just picked her up and she laid down on my chest and I put my head on hers and fell asleep, a few minutes later, she looked up at me with her big brown eyes, woke me up, and says “Are we done?” I laughed and got her into bed. She’s so funny.

Doug, Lois, and Christopher are coming to town this weekend. We are all really excited. Doug and Christopher will get to see Charli for the first time, plus it’s always fun to have them come down. We are sad it’s not for a longer period of time, but we will enjoy the time we do have. Plus, we aren’t going to miss out on any opportunity we have to see any of Sarah’s family. Sarah’s cousin Savanna got married last weekend to her now-husband Billy in Las Vegas and they are having a second reception in Ogden this coming weekend. We will get to see some family Sarah hasn’t seen for a long time, some of whom I have never met. It will ge a lot of fun to see them. We were going to go to Vegas for the wedding, but we just couldn’t afford it with gas as expensive as it is and with Sarah hurting as much as she does, it just wasn’t a good idea. We’ll get to see them this weekend though!

Exciting news! I actually found out on Monday, but I got in to work this morning and found this message when I checked my email:


That’s right! Those suckers fell for it and I am now a College Grad. It only took me 9 years to do it. You heard right, it’s been 9 years since I graduated High School. I don’t feel too bad about it though, I took a two year break for my mission and another year break when Sarah and I got married and Tori was born. It was a long, hard, never-ending road that finally came to an end. I don’t think a lot of people thought I would actually finish, especially after taking another year off in 2006, but we (Sarah, me and the girls) did it. I would not have been able to do it without my girls. Now, I am looking towards a Masters (what am I thinking?) which will be really good for all of us. I like learning so hopefully it won’t be too bad. I just have to get accepted first.

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So multiple people have told me, “Your blog isnt updated!”  Yes, Yes, I’m aware.  I’ve told Dave, “Dave, the blog isnt really up to date.”  Only to get the response, “You know, you could write something on there sometime.”  So, here’s the requested update.

Many people are already aware that I have gallstones.  YAY!  About 3 weeks ago, I had a terrible stomachache- I called dave at work and told him I thought I was dying cause of this stomachache and if he couldnt call his mom to come watch the girls so we could go to the hospital and figure out what was wrong.  He called his mom and long story short, she was busy, Dave was not very sympathetic to my “stomachache” and so I was mad.  So stubborn me sat there.   All day.  And all night.  Until about midnight when I said, “I can’t do this anymore, I’m driving myself to the hospital”  Obviously not a hot idea since we are a one car family and Dave needed to work the next day.  So he called his amazing mom and she came over, without question I might add, in the middle of the night, after she was asleep, to watch our girls.   All though I cant say things have always been stellar, or even cordial, with Dave’s family, and there was a time when I thought I’d always hate them, I can say that as of late I really do love my mother in law.  She helps us out whenever she can and literally stops what she’s doing(like sleeping) to come and help us.  They live about 40 minutes away from us and its never even a question in my mind that if they’re available, and sometimes when they’re not, they’ll jump to help us. OH yeah… they meaning BOTH his parents.  I think that is what family should be like.  Anytime, anywhere, any way they can help they should.  Dave and I have decided that no matter the status of our relationships, we want people to always know they can come to us…

Back to the update- so we spent ONLY THREE HOURS(!!!!) in the ER!  Literally, those exclamation marks are serious, not sarcasm.  So, while we were there they took great care of us.  I must say, its been quite a blessing that Dave works at the hospital.  They had originally told us that a formal ultrasound would need to be done probably in the morning since they dont staff techs at 3am.  Well, Dave had mentioned that he worked in radiology and 10 minutes later they came in to do the US and said, “Actually, we’re taking you down to radiology.”  When we got there the radiologist was there waiting to do the US himself- which I’ve never had happen, its always a tech, or a resident-NEVER the Dr. himself.  So it was great because since he was the Dr. he could tell us what he found.  He said my gallbladder was distended and I had a bunch of stones in there. Yuck. Well at least there was a reason for my insane amount of pain.

So I have a surgery scheduled for July 8th. Yes, its a ways off, but apparently unless your gallbladder has burst or the stones are blocking your common bile duct, its not an emergency. Its not pleasant but its live-able and the more I look into the surgery, the less I’m excited about having it done and second thoughts are creeping in. Dave and I talk about it daily. The pros are they can fix my hernia(the one that was repaired during pregnancy, and came back out 3 months later) at the same time and when they take my gallbladder out, there’s never a chance of stones again. They’ve said they’ll recurr within 2 years or something like that. The cons are, I’ll have to stop breastfeeding Charli for 5 days and “pump and dump” which is not fun, cause its every two hours and right now my body is adjusted to when Charli eats, not to a breastpump… the cons go on and on, but, I’ve been accused of sharing TMI on many occassions, so I’ll stop there for everyone’s sake. =)

Let’s see… the girls are doing great.  We just got a zoo pass and have been twice in a week.  AND we’ll go tomorrow cause we just got our new Joovy CABOOSE ULTRALIGHT! I AM STOKED. To give another story here- this company is SPECTACULAR. Babies R Us and USABABY are the only places locally that carry these strollers. Babies R Us doesnt even carry the Ultralight stroller, only thre regular model. Well, I called Babies R Us and they basically gave me a runaround, blaming Joovy for not manufacturing them fast enough and said they could add me to their TEN PERSON waiting list. They explained only 1-2 strollers a week come in, so they’d call when mine got there. GAG! Excuse me, I’ve had a c-section, I have a hernia and gallstones- and two small children! I cannot wait 8 weeks for a stroller. Stupid… So, I emailed Joovy and let them know the saga and then added in the last line, “If the president of your company knew that this was going on, what would he say? Please forward my email onto him” So the next day we spend the morning at te zoo. We come home and I check the phone for messages. “Hello Mrs. Payne, this is Rob, I’m the president of Joovy. I’m calling because I received your email this morning. I’d love to get you fixed up with a stroller and here’s my cell phone number. Please give me a call back and we’ll see what we can work out. Thanks!”
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Ok, so I’ve written many an email to companies(like the time we got 5 lbs of Jelly Belly Beans….). NEVER EVER HAS THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF CALLED. Maybe a manager at tops. This guy Rob, was the nicest, most professional businessman I’ve ever spoken with. He explained that they are having a few difficulties with manufacturing because of the catastrophies in China, but they have plenty made and Babies R Us is just not ordering enough. So, he gave me $80 off the MSRP of the special edition red ultralight we wanted AND SHIPPED IT FOR FREE. YES…. a 21 lb stroller shipped FOR FREE. So this craziness all went down on Tuesday- count it- today is THURSDAY MORNING AND I HAVE MY CABOOSE!!!!! TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot rave enough about them. Our caboose(which should really be named Mercedes or BMW b/c of the price tag as well as its ‘sealed ball bearing wheels’) will be taken promptly to the zoo tomorrow for a test run. I am stoked- scratch that, beyond stoked. I’m sure Dave might have guessed his wife was crazy before, but now, he’s positive. All this hoopla for a stroller… yes, I’m officially insane.

So much for a short story. Back to the girls- Charli is getting SO BIG. She no longer fits between the armrests of our la-z-boy and so when I’m nursing her she decides kicking off the armrest is a splendid idea and unlatches herself probably 5-10 times a feeding. Its funny, but annoying at the same time. The other night I woke up to her fussing a little bit and its cause she had ROLLED OVER in the bassinet onto her tummy and was not happy being there! Crazy…

Tori is still madly in love(ok so are the rest of us) with her little sister and thinks she needs to help her any chance she gets. She’s so cute. She reads to her…

She loves holding her…

and in her spare time enjoys a good Billy Ray impersonation…

Tori is HYSTERICAL. She’s very opinionated and says some funny things. As of late, we try and teach her things that are “not nice”. Mean words, not sharing with her friends or cousins, etc… Today she told me, “don’t give that to me, thats not berry nice mom” referring to a book at nap time. Other things that are not “berry nice”- taking charli “away from” her, making her take a nap, not letting her get into my makeup etc… Its never a dull moment with her. The other night at 2am we were awakened with “DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!!!” She was screaming, so Dave went in there and she says, “WHERES DA DOG!?” Dave explains there is no dog, we do not own a dog and she continues, “Is he in your room!?” no. “Is he behind da chair!?” no. “Is he upstairs!?” no. “WHERES DA DOG DADDY!?” “Victoria, we have no dog, there is no dog in the house, you are ok.” It was hysterical(even funnier when you hear dave recall it) and we concluded she must have had a bad dream.
OH and occassionally she attempts to go potty, amongst some good reads…

Charli enjoys spending time with Tori…

Laying on mommy…

Laying on Nana when she comes to visit(3rd week in April to be exact, we had a cleaner house and the laundry was caught up for the 5 days she was here… no credit goes to me though!)

And being insanely cute!

I enjoy lately some attempts at perfection… sometimes they work, others they dont. The crumb siding on the red velvet cake below not only made it onto the sides of the cake, but also all over the kitchen table, the floor, and BOTH Dave and I. It made for some good laughs between the two of us after the girls were asleep, which makes me believe that one day eventually we will get some alone time again…

Here’s some HOMEMADE whole wheat Tortellini… with spinach parmesan ricotta filling… they were amazing!

Well, this is probably why Dave updates this, not me. When I do it, it takes people an hour to read it, and with both girls requiring attention nearly every minute, it takes 2 hours to write a post.
I cant end this without saying something about my spectacular husband. He goes to work everyday, most days doesnt complain about it and then comes home and takes great care of his three girls. He never hesitates to give me alone time to write an old friend an email or to just have some quiet time. He’s the best Dad in the whole world and the most incredible husband. I could not ask for more in a person and I love him up, down, and sideways. He is our Superman, and if I was cool enough to know how the heck to put the Superman logo in here, I would, but I’m not-y’all are lucky enough to get pictures!
So we’ll end here! tata for now kids… we’ll see ya later.

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