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There is not much going on in this house of Payne. Charli is growing up very, very fast. She is doing a lot of smiling now and a little bit (from what I know) of coo-ing. It’s really cute, but really sad. She and I get to a lot of cuddling in the middle of the night. I think she may drive me out of my mind very, very soon. We have been up until 2am on many different occasions, sometimes until 3am or 4am. The whole time I’m thinking, I have to be up no later than 8am to get to work on time. But Sarah has the girls (I never thought I’d say “the girls,” both my siblings with kids can say “the boys” but I finally get to say “the girls”…very exciting). She seems to be very, very alert and observant. Sarah can make her smile about any time she wants. It’s really, really cute to watch the 2 of them together. Tori does really well usually with all the attention given to Charli, but she does get jealous. Sarah and I try our best to “divide and conquer” with the two of them, but we love having time spent together and as a family.

A few funny things Tori has done lately:

She went to nursery for the first time last Sunday. We don’t like/trust the lone guy who is the nursery leader so I went with her and Sarah took Charli to Relief Society and Sunday School. I could tell that Tori wasn’t quite sure what to think, it was a whole new environment. There were only 3 kids in nursery: Tori, Kambrie, and Joshua (who is too old for nursery). She had fun, but spent most of her time feeling things out. We all went to singing time and sang a few songs. When we sang “Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam,” they handed out little suns with the middle cut out so you can stick your face inside. I think she was a little petrified and, not knowing what to do, she held that thing up to her face and did not let it move. She did really well, but doesn’t know any of the songs so she just sat there. We have the Children’s Songbook on CD, so we’ll have to play them for her. She loved snack time (Goldfish, water and fruit snacks). She’s funny, I asked “Tori, did you like it?” and she said “I liked it!” with a big smile on her face so it’s definitely something we’ll have her do again (and I’ll still probably go with her).

A little background, after my brother Geoff played basketball at Utah he gave me one of his practice jerseys for Tori which I gave to her about a year ago. She calls that her “Uncle Geoff Jersey” and she used to sleep with it before it fell under her bed and I have been too lazy to go get it. Before Tori takes her naps, we read her a book or two of her choosing. Saturday she chose her USA lift-the-flap book. It has a picture of all 50 states and when you lift the flap you find information on that particular state (i.e. state birds, flowers, capitals). This particular time we just read through the names of the states and their respective capitals. I was going through and said “New Jersey…Trenton” and she points at the picture of New Jersey and goes “Daddy, take away my Uncle Geoff jersey, member dat? Member dat Daddy? Member dat?” It was a very good observation to correlate the two words, but I couldn’t help but laugh because it was so funny and so cute.

One of Tori’s favorite books is “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. A few weeks ago, she and I were upstairs cleaning up and I heard her start singing the song “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be” so we just talked a little about the book and quoted other lines that we both remembered until she suddenly said “This kid is driving me crazy! I called Robbie.” Stunned I asked “Who did you call?” When she answered “Robbie” I was taken aback. I played along and asked “what did you tell him?” “This kid is driving me crazy.” “Oh really? And who is Robbie?” And this shocked me, “My brother.” Obviously I was confused. I don’t think she knows anyone named Robbie nor does she have a brother and there is certainly not one on the way. When Sarah came up, we went through the same conversation with the exact same results so we called my parents…same results. It’s pretty funny. She still talks about Robbie and how she talks to him. Maybe she knows something we don’t. But just for the record, we are not pregnant again and we are not planning another child for a long time. Plus, if we do have a boy in the future, his name will not be Robbie.


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Share (verb)

3 to grant or give a share in – often used with (shared the last of her water with us)


This past week we have been working on sharing. We thought Tori was good at it, but we found out differently last weekend. My brother Matt and his wife Andrea stopped by our house on Sharing with ChalriSaturday (May 3) and Tori had a very hard time sharing anything with her two cousins. I tried explaining to her the concept of sharing, but she never really got it that day. She shared, but only because she knew she would be in big trouble if she didn’t. Well on Monday, Sarah sent me an e-mail in which she told me she was in the kitchen and Tori ran in saying “Charli loves Elmo! I share with Charli!” Tori loves playing with Charli, but we have to be careful because we never really know how she’s playing with her. Well, Sarah came out and found this (↑) scene played out right before her eyes. Tori really had shared with Charli and it was so cute. I started laughing and laughing when I saw the pictures and read the e-mail. I’m just glad another pillow wasn’t found covering Charli’s face (yes, this has happened before when Tori “helping” us). It’s a good start, though.


We went to Tori’s eye doctor yesterday for the first time in over a year and a half. We actually tried a different doctor in American Fork last August (not impressed at all) and came back to Dr. Larson at Primary Children’s because we have been very impressed with him and he has been really good with Tori. The only problem with these appointments is that this office is one of the only pediatric ophthalmologist offices around so there are a lot of people who are there. The first time we went, the appointment took 6 hours. It was pretty ridiculous. Yesterday was only an hour and 45 minutes (much better). He looked at her and examined her eyes and says they are getting straighter! Hooray! Sarah and I thought they were looking straighter but we didn’t know for sure. He said her vision is good, but compared the vision in her good eye to a high definition TV and the vision in her bad eye to a grainy TV screen and said that her brain would always choose the HD picture over the other. He suggested glasses for her, but only to protect the good eye from injury (fish hooks, toys, sticks, etc) because her visual field is so limited. We’ll see how that goes for her. I’m just glad she’s improving. The other doctor we saw in August wanted to jump on surgery by the end of the year, Dr. Larson says we should wait until either she or we are tired of it and want to fix the way she looks. As far as we’re concerned, she can decide if and when she wants to do a surgery (I think, sorry if I am wrong Babe!).


I got my grades for this past semester…I got A’s in both of my classes. Miraculous I know. I can’t believe I pulled that one off. It amazed me really. Now I just have to wait for my records to be audited to know if I have graduated or not. As far as I can tell, everything is covered and I have finally finished my Bachelor’s degree. But, being the eternal optimist I am, I won’t celebrate until I get that diploma in my hands.


Wonder WomanMother’s Day is Sunday. We don’t really have money for anything fancy, but I think I’ll be making Sarah dinner and some type of dessert. Nothing is set yet. I am so happy to have Sarah in my life. We have 2 amazing girls and there is no one I would rather have by my side than Sarah. I love you Babe!

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Lucky guy!

Look at these 3 cuties!!

I took this picture last night. Just wanted to tell everyone what a lucky guy I am to have these 3 beautiful girls in my life. I laugh everyday and enjoy life with my 3 girls. Yes, it’s a little overwhelming at times, but there is no one I would rather go through life with than my sweetheart Sarah and there are no kids I would rather have than Tori and Charli. Those 2, even Charli, make me laugh and smile all the time and I wouldn’t trade either of them for anything. Yes, we all have rough times and rough days, but I know that we all love each other and would do anything we are capable of for each other. I think back to when Sarah was pregnant and she had some rough days, Tori was there to help her. She wasn’t perfect every day (probably any day for that matter), but Tori would help Sarah with whatever she was capable of, whether it was getting her the remote for the TV or laying down with her or coloring quietly, she did her very best to help Sarah and take care of her. I love my family!!

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If everything goes according to plan, last night I took and finished the last test I will ever have to take for school. Let me just say that I am choosing to go to Grad School so, assuming I get in, every test taken then will be by choice and not because I have to take it. Normally, I am very relieved to have a finally finished a semester, but not this time. Now, I am waiting to get my grades and, assuming I passed my spanish class, have my records audited to hopefully receive my diploma. I told Sarah, I don’t want to celebrate until I have that diploma in my hands and I know that I have graduated. That’s where I am at right now. I’ll let you know when I get my grades and if I get that ever-elusive diploma. I ain’t gonna lie to you though: I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE THIS SEMESTER FINALLY OVER WITH!!!! When I got home from my test, Tori met me at the door and said “Come see Daddy” and took me to the kitchen where she gave me some “Utah popcorn.” Sarah and Tori had made me some white chocolate popcorn with red chocolate drizzled all over it. Talk about an awesome surprise. Tori was so proud of herself and the job she had done. It was really funny and sweet. Those are my girls. They always think of special things to do for me. I am a very, very lucky man!!

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