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Silly Tori

Sarah and Tori stopped by my work this afternoon to have me look at a few things. While they were here, I asked Tori what we were going to do for dinner…well, she looked at Sarah and puts her index finger up to her mouth and whispers “Shhhh. Eat pizza.” Apparently Sarah had told her that they were going to surprise me with pizza and Tori was supposed to keep it a secret. So much for that, but it was hilarious to all of us. She just makes me laugh all the time. I love being her daddy!


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it was actually very interesting this time around. We have been very insistent on doing labor and delivery the way we want to this time. To us, it seemed like we were just there doing whatever we were told throughout the entire process of Tori’s birth. Really, what else were we going to do? We had never been in that situation. We were trusting in our doctor and the nurses to do their job and lead us to the most successful delivery possible. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel like we received the best care…the care we thought we were getting. We feel that, had Sarah been given the chance, she could have delivered Tori naturally.

We want things to be completely different this time. After last week’s appointment, Sarah did some calling around trying to figure out where the hopital is going to need to compromise and where we are going to need to in order to have a successful labor and delivery. Apparently those phone calls have thrown the entire department into a frenzy and Sarah’s midwife came in ready to discuss it. There have been emails exchanged all week saying that Sarah had said this or that and that everyone was concerned and her midwife needed to talk to her. It was a major misunderstanding and Sarah was just asking around to see what was really going to happen and what we were actually going to be able to do. It was pretty interesting. We are just want to do what is best for Sarah and the baby. That is the most important thing.

Tori has had a rough couple of days recently. On Sunday, she and I were playing around in our room and she tripped and fell into a storage tub right on her little nose. She got up and was startled but okay. She has a little battle wound and Sarah thought it could possibly be broken, but she’s fine. Sunday night, we put her to bed while we kept cleaning and doing laundry. Sarah thought it was weird that Tori had not got out of bed all night but I though nothing of it. After our sheets had dried, I threw them over the ledge onto the stairs below. As I was carrying a basket-full of laundry downstairs, I stepped on the sheets and found that Tori was laying on the bottom step under all the laundry. You guessed it: I had stepped right on top of her. I felt terrible! I am not a small man. I felt like I had just crushed my daughter. I stepped right on her ribs and we (well, Sarah) have been watching her since to make sure she is okay. Last night she fell and scraped up her face somehow. Neither one of us know how it happened. But she’s still funny and smily and beautiful. She really is an amazing little girl and we are so blessed to have her in our little family.

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everything seems to be pretty much the same as it was last week. Sarah is now dilated to a conservative 2. Her midwife said it was probably between a 2 and a 3, but to be on the safe side called it a 2. I felt bad because Sarah feels like she should be making more progress than she is right now. I just don’t want her to get too frustrated. She still has plenty of time to progress. She’s still about 2 weeks from the due date anyway. She’s just tired of being pregnant at this point and wants her to come out and join the world. I can’t say that I blame her. It really has been rough on her. We both just need to stay positive and focus on the end product here.

Jessica recommended an interesting documentary available through Netflix to us the other day. It’s called “The Business of Being Born” (I think). I didn’t watch the whole thing, but Sarah did. What I did watch was very, very interesting and informative. Throughout this whole process, I have been a little leary of her decision to go through a midwife and to use a doula. This documentary opened my eyes a lot to the situation and to see things from Sarah’s perspective. I think this is a much better way for us to go about this pregnancy and I am confident that everything will go well and go as planned.

A few things from the documentary that really hit home for me: most c-sections take place around 4:oo in the afternoon (because the doctor wants to go home) or 10:00 at night (because the doctor doesn’t want to do an all-nighter). We were told at 9:00 PM during labor for Tori’s birth that a c-section was necessary “for the good of the baby.” Coincidence? That’s another thing…they talked about doctors and hospital staff manipulating parents-to-be by saying that things are done “for the good of the baby” and no parent is going to dispute that because they only want the best for the baby anyway. I remember numerous times “for the good of the baby” was used during labor. Like I said, it was a very interesting documentary and I am very glad I watched (what I did of) it. Thanks Jessica!

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Hi everybody!

This is our family blog…I can’t believe that we are blogging. I never thought that I, of all people, would be a blogger. This is actually something I have been planning on starting for a few months now, but school and life has just been too busy for us. I have been looking for a way for us to stay in touch with the many people who are so far away we never get to see them. For me, this is more for Sarah’s family since they are spread out all over this country and Canada. We want everyone that we care about to know what is going on in our lives. Be advised that I make no promises as to when or how often I will update this thing. I’m terrible about this sort of thing. You are free to send us an email and ask for updates whenever you feel the need, but (again) I make no promises about when those requests will be filled.

Love you all,

David, Sarah, Tori and Baby Payne

What a cheese!

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